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03.03.2012 - by  CRS Molteni Vernici

The products of the ANTIBACTERIAL line have a remarkable antimicrobial efficacy, against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria: in other words they inhibit the growth of these micro-organisms and in this way they contribute to the prevention of multiple infectious diseases, conferring a high level of superficial hygiene to those painted artifacts that are positioned in public places and in communities (hospitals, schools and kindergartens, canteens, companies, waiting rooms, public toilets, commercial equipment, air conditioning systems, trains, public transport in general, and so on) and in private environments (handles, faucets, bathrooms, kitchens, small household appliances, children's bedrooms, and so on), which require adequate antibacterial protection.

Unlike the traditional antibacterial protectors on the market, the Molteni Vernici’s Patent doesn’t imply the use of silver or copper ions which degrade over time, losing their antibacterial efficacy but Molteni Vernici has patented a nanoparticle that does not degrade and does not reduce its molecular weight maintaining a continuous and constant antibacterial efficacy over time.

The products of the ANTIBACTERIAL line are suitable both for outdoor and for indoor items at any weather or use condition.


ANTIBACTERIAL is available in various glossy, opaque, metalized colors and in 100 gloss transparent finishing, 40 gloss and mat 10 gloss, 20 gloss in both water and solvent version.

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