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04.03.2012 - by  CRS Molteni Vernici

Blackboard varnish.

Molteni Vernici presents the new blackboard varnish on the market.

From today your thoughts, your projects, your programs will no longer remain in the air but will be imprinted on the design objects that surround you, adding new ones or removing old ones thanks to the new special varnish Blackboard COD.14374 developed by Molteni Vernici laboratories.

Blackboard is a product with direct adhesion for all metal, plastic, MDF or wood supports for industrial use on furniture, household appliances, lighting, accessories and design objects.

Blackboard turns any support into a real blackboard to be written on and erased endlessly, giving a new life to the design object that as a decorative complement of everyday life becomes an integral part of the thoughts and memories of our life.

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