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01.06.2012 - by  CRS Molteni Vernici

Paints for architecture and design.

Molteni Vernici presents the new catalog dedicated to the world of Design and architecture for interior and outdoor AD12.

AD12 represents a catalog of the highest quality oriented to the field of paints for architecture and innovative and creative design.

Built on an innovative support, both as regards the grouping of colors and the presentation of multiple options, it aims to become a key tool for the competitiveness of our customers, and a strategic ally for architects and designers who promote innovation and the future.

17 areas of color ranges have been created from everyday life trends bringing to 102 colors in different finishings, smooth, tactile, soft, textured, metallic, anodic, bright, structured, oxidized, polished and opaque.

All of the 17 product areas are also fully customizable by the client both under the aspect of the color shade and under the surface aesthetic aspect, this allows you to have an instrument that can realize every single idea at 360°C.

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