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The main feature and characteristic belonging to the Brand Molteni Vernici on the productive level is the inner binomial which sees the tradition from one side and the technology from the other side. All products thought and created from Molteni Vernici are developed and refined in a handcrafted way, but using at the same time all those opportunities offered from the chemical industry and from the most advanced technology in order to reach the highest quality of production strictly and authentically in the sign of Made in Italy.

This objective can be reached only thanks to a long and renowned handcrafted history belonging to the Company, which from more than seventy years commits itself to the approved ability and the long experience of highly professional and qualified operators, together with an advanced technology of working machines; as a matter of fact, from one side the highly performing equipment of the Brand guarantees high precision and very low percentages of mistake, while from the other side the team of expert operators guarantees a great sensibility and an absolute competence in the final refining of the details, that the machines could not reach only by themselves.

Expert hands which produce quality, hands guided from passion and creativity, competent, wise and conscious hands, hands able to respect the tradition and to dominate the technology.
Finally, hands that are proud to produce only in the full respect of the real style Made in Italy.

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The main purpose of the Brand Molteni Vernici is to assure to its costumers and clients guaranteed products with the highest level of quality.
Warranty intended not only as executive or aesthetic easiness of the finished product, but also as constant repeatability and resistance through time of the realized workpieces.
Quality intended in its highest meaning, that means as the best resistance of the final product against atmospheric agents, usury, foot traffic, corrosion, cold and hot liquids, chemical substances and cleaning products.

Every single step belonging to the productive cycles is carefully and constantly controlled from an expert and qualified team through avant-garde methods, by starting from the choice of the purest raw materials to the result of the final tests on the finished product; as a matter of fact, quality and tone controls are executed on every single batch of production and for every single client, with a consequent result of precision and quality. All this has allowed the Brand Molteni Vernici to become a real landmark for all those companies, architects and designers who largely celebrate the beauty and the excellence of the real style Made in Italy.



The service Tailor Made Molteni Vernici has been created with the main purpose of satisfying the more and more growing attention coming from the final client towards the creation and the development of a completely tailor made product, characterized from the highest level of quality and which respects high technical standards.  Molteni Vernici has always been synonymous of tradition, experience, warranty of research towards new materials, attention on details, design and style. The link among all these realities that are so different one to the other has given life to the project Tailor Made Molteni Vernici, an entirely Made in Italy project, absolutely personalized and carefully studied in order to satisfy all those necessities coming from the most demanding clients about color finishings and design trend.

The result is an exclusive, unrepeatable and unique product, created and developed in a perfect way on the clients' characteristics and needs, with the typical cure and technique of a product Made in Italy and with the exclusivity of an Italian design. The service Tailor Made Molteni Vernici is the result of the alliance among extra-qualified technicians, pure raw materials and a great chemical technology. Tailor Made in synonymous of quality and personalization 100% guaranteed. Furthermore, Molteni Vernici is able to reply every nuance of color in every gloss level, by starting from international color palettes RAL, RAL DESIGN, RAL TEXTILE, PANTONE, PANTONE METALLIC, NCS.

For every employment field and for every applicative service and necessity, the technicians of the Laboratory Molteni Vernici are able to develop every kind of paint with a special effect on specified requests. Repeatability, constancy and precision guaranteed through time.


"All things are in the air, what it counts is who realize them."  Andy Warhol

"Tutte le cose sono nell'aria, conta solo chi le realizza." Andy Warhol
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