Tailor made is the key.
Our purpose: innovation.
It's an heritage: the history of a design Made in Italy.


Molteni Vernici does not follow trends, it creates them.

Melting pot of creativity, passion, technology and style.
Forge of unique effects and colors able to perfectly magnify the beauty of design.
Toy box for architects and designers able to realize every desire, without any limitations.

Molteni Vernici, worldwide ADI Member.

After lots of efforts made in order to proudly promote the real and unique Design Made in Italy throughout the world, Molteni Vernici becomes in all respects and for industrial credits ADI Member, becoming an international Brand known as the real and unique producer of paints and finishings which are completely dedicated to the world of Design.
Thanks to this integration, Molteni Vernici strengthens its own professional work towards the world of Design, by guaranteeing all its clients, which belong to the Family Brand, an added value characterized from elegance, style, tradition and uniqueness of the real Made in Italy in the world.

Since 1956, ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for the Industrial Design) brings together professionals, researchers, teachers, critics, journalists around the main topics of design: project, energy consumption, recycling and training. ADI has a leading role in the development of the industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon.
Its purpose is to promote and implement the most conducive conditions to the design for goods and services, through the cultural debate, the dialogue with the institutions and the provision of services.
According to ADI, design is the culturally aware project, it is the interface between the individual and collective demand and the producers' supply.
The association is involved into products design, services design, visual communication, packaging, interior design and in the design for the environment.
Design is the way to create a relationship between products and users through research, innovation and engineering. It gives functionality, social values and cultural meaning to the goods and services distributed on the market.
In Italy, ADI brings together more than 1.000 members all over the Country, who are involved into both the initiatives of Milan's headquarter and into local events.
It is a member of the Council for the professions not regulated by the CNEL (National Council for the Economy and Labor), helping to establish a legal framework for the public recognition of designer profession.
Finally, since 1962, ADI has owned and and managed the Compasso d'Oro Award, the oldest recognition of design in Europe, and its Historical collection, which collects winning objects and their documentation, promoting historical researches and setting up in-depth exhibitions.
Worldwide, ADI is founding member of ICSID, International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, now WDO World Design Organization, the leading group of associations for the industrial design at an international level; it is founding member of BEDA, Bureau of European Design Associations, the group which brings together all professional associations of the industrial design throughout Europe (Molteni Vernici included). Finally, it's a member of ICOGRADA , International Council of Graphic Design Associations, now ICO-D International Council of Design, the international group which puts together all professional associations of graphics.

The ADI Foundation for Italian Design "Collezione Compasso d'Oro" was established in Milan in November 2001 with the name "Fondazione ADI per il Design Italiano" on the initiative of ADI, the Italian Association for Industrial Design. In April 2002, the Foundation was accorded official legal recognition in Italy. Its constitutional mission and human and financial resources are destined to safeguard and disseminate the culture of Design, to promote its historical heritage and its future prospects, with a special focus on ensuring a sustainable design, respectful of the ethics for the individuals, the civil society and the environment.
The founding heritage of the Foundation is made by the Historical Collection of the Compasso d’Oro, an heritage that ADI has provided whose numerical consistency and value are constantly growing, and the brand “Compasso d’Oro ADI” and “ADI Design INDEX”.  
The Historical Collection of the Compasso d’Oro is one of the most remarkable international testimonials of contemporary design. Through each edition, every three years, it is increased and enhanced by the new products awarded with the prestigious prize.
With a step that has no precedent anywhere else in the world of international design, the Italian Cultural Heritage Ministry, Regional Office for Lombardy, with a Decree dated 22 April 2004, declared the Historical Collection of the Compasso d’Oro Award to be "of exceptional artistic and historical interest" and included it in Italy’s national heritage.
A private institution with a high ethical and social profile, the Foundation is committed to disseminating an understanding of the contents and purposes of Design, its perception and its diffusion as a value and a driver of innovation for the betterment of the quality of life.

The Foundation’s primary objectives include:
- safeguarding and valorising the cultural, ideal, material and non-material heritage of the ADI Compasso d'Oro Award and of all the other events that express and promote Italian Design;
- disseminating knowledge about design and safeguarding its historical testimonials;
- supporting innovation, research and training, also by means of scholarships, exhibitions, conferences and competitions.
Partnering with other public and private institutions, the Foundation contributes to developing and disseminating Design Culture, using effective communications media and encourage useful synergies locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Always and only in the authentic style Made in Italy.
"Only the things that we realize make us who we are."
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