Tailor made is the key.
Our purpose: innovation.
It's an heritage: the history of a design Made in Italy.


Molteni Vernici does not follow trends, it creates them.

Melting pot of creativity, passion, technology and style.
Forge of unique effects and colors able to perfectly magnify the beauty of design.
Toy box for architects and designers able to realize every desire, without any limitations.

Molteni Vernici, internationally known as color designer.

The Brand Molteni Vernici S.r.l. joins the European Registry of BEDA (BUREAU OF EUROPEAN DESIGN ASSOCIATIONS) as designer.

Today, BEDA boasts 46 members from 25 member states in Europe. Members can be design promotion centers and other publicly funded organizations that promote design nationally or regionally as well as professional and trade associations for designers from across Europe. Those professional associations represent some 400,000 designers from across Europe in every discipline of work from industrial design and interiors to digital design and branding.
BEDA is a not-for-profit organization funded in its entirety by its members. It is run by a board of directors elected by its membership every two years.
BEDA is headquartered in Brussels.

BEDA was founded in 1969 when there was little knowledge and poor awareness of the impact that designers could have in business.
BEDA brought together the professional design associations from across Europe, typically providing signposting to information about the design industry, which was very young at that time. It also helped to promote the case for design in business.
Initially, membership was open to design industry associations only, although from all categories of designers, as well as educational institutions. Geographically there was a focus on the EU. In time, membership was extended to design centers and countries outside the EU but within the “geographical limits of Europe." As a consequence of this, the association changed its name from Bureau of European Designers’ Association to Bureau of European Design Associations, seemingly a small change but in context, a major one.
The promotional organizations with their unique background, competencies and political expertise at national and regional levels, quickly started to address political agendas. This proved to be relevant and important not only to the design profession, but to the overall understanding of the potential for design as a tool for change.

Today, BEDA continues to be deeply involved in the shaping of policy for Europe, promoting design as a tool for industrial and societal innovation, something much needed today and in the future.

Always and only in the authentic style Made in Italy.
"Only the things that we realize make us who we are."
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