Molteni Vernici SRL wants to describe throughout this page the management ways and the general conditions of the employment of its own website, that everyone must follow when in it. The access on the website and the surfing on its web pages constitute unconditioned acceptance of the following employment conditions. Whoever enters the website implicitly declares that he won’t use the page or the materials contained in the website for illegal purposes in general.

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All contents of the website are protected according to the current laws for the author right and the industrial and intellectual properties. Any operation of extraction or reemployment, total or partial distribution, publication or transmission of the material contained in the website is forbidden, if not specifically and preemptively authorized in writing by Molteni Vernici. Any other activity which could damage the legal interests of the authors and the owners of the rights on the works of talent and on the ornamental models there accessible is also forbidden. For content of the website must be intended all texts, pictures, videos and presentations, bank data, diagrams and charts, slogans, audio and video reproductions, any graphic and/or textual representations in general. All brands, domain names, company names, companies and emblems contained in the website are owned exclusively by Molteni Vernici and therefore protected according to the current law for distinctive signs. As a consequence, the reproduction of any form or way is absolutely forbidden, without the prearranged and declared written authorization by Molteni Vernici; the registration of the brand “Molteni Vernici” is also forbidden for any top level domain. The pages of the website may also contain brands, domain names, company names, companies and emblems of ownership of third parties, who have working relationships with Molteni Vernici and are alike protected according to the current legislations for author right and industrial and intellectual properties. Finally, Molteni Vernici declares that the employment of all its emblems of ownership is totally forbidden, including also the use of meta-tags, that are controls in HTML language, which, even if not involving the visualization or the formatting of a certain control, they do produce instructions for electronic agents or search engines, in order to increase the availability of a different website from that controlled by Molteni Vernici.


The website represents an on-line information portal that allows to be informed on Molteni Vernici and its products and services. All contents of the site (including news, images, video pictures, sounds, brands, logos, domain names, graphic layouts, application softwares, technical documents, presentations, etc.) and its rights are reserved and can be used exclusively for personal information, because any different employment without the previous written approval by Molteni Vernici is always forbidden. Molteni Vernici, its directors, administrators, partners and workers do not produce any guarantee of the functionality of the website, on the accuracy and completeness of the contents contained in the site and Molteni Vernici reserves its right to modify and update anytime those contents, without any notice and according to its unquestionable liberty. In no case Molteni Vernici, its directors, administrators, partners and/or workers could be responsible at any title, cause or reason, for the functionality of the site, for any damage that derives from its employment or the impossibility of its employment, as well as for omissions or mistakes contained in the website. The software’s programs connected to the website and the site could present malfunctioning and contain virus programs or other damaging elements. The user of the site and its contents takes therefore the total and unconditional responsibility for possible losses, damages and costs of any nature and importance that could derive from the use of the website.


The content of the website cannot be totally or partially copied, reproduced, republished, loaded, broadcasted or distributed in any way or shape, without the previous written authorization by Molteni Vernici. Moreover, the content of the site could not be totally or partially spread through communication channels like internet, televisions, radios without the previous written authorization by Molteni Vernici. The information and the materials contained in the site could not be used for commercial purposes in order to constitute any kind of bank data, and they could not be filed (totally or partially) in preexisting bank data, both exclusively accessible from the creator and available for third parties.


Without the previous written authorization by Molteni Vernici, it’s not possible in any way to create links related to the home page of the website or to any other page contained in the site. The specific links that allow to relate the user to an inner page without visiting the home page of the website currently reachable on (“deep linking”) are expressly forbidden, as well as the creation of links for the automatic insertion (“inner linking”), that allow the user to display images coming from the site automatically in a specific area. The link-frames (“framing”), which allow the page of the website to appear in a specific page of other sites, are also banned. To this end, we inform that the violation of what is said throughout the current article amounts to a indictable conduct even under the profile of unfair competition, according to the current legislations.


The present conditions of employment can be changed from Molteni Vernici in any time, without any notice towards the users (it being understood that the users have the possibility to view the pages before the access to the contents of the site).


The present conditions of employment are subjected to the Italian law and they will be interpreted according to the same legislation. In the current limitations, the competent court which will evaluate every dispute in regards to the employment of the current site (with a specific reference on the current conditions of employment) will be in an exclusive way the court in Milan. By virtue of the application of the Italian law, in the case of a possible interpretative disagreement between the Italian version and the English one of the current conditions of employment of the website, the Italian version will prevail.


These conditions of employment have been disposed from Molteni Vernici SRL in order to give some information to the final users of the website in accordance with the art. 13 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, “code concerning the protection of personal data”.
It's intended that, in order to give access to some specific services for the final users, some specific information and consent for the treatment of personal data will be asked.


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All treatments connected with the consultation via telematic way starting from the address corresponding to the home page happen by Molteni Vernici through the employment of electronic and automated tools.

During the normal execution of computer systems and software procedures concerning the functioning of this website, our company acquires some personal data for which the transmission is implicit in the employment of communication protocols of Internet.
It's about some information which cannot be associated to specific and identified users, but which could - through elaborations and associations with other data belonging to third parties - allow to identify the users and this can be possible only after an explicit request coming from the judiciary authority.
In this sector of data, all ip addresses or the domain names of those computers used from the users connecting to the website, the uri addresses belonging to the required sources, the request timing, the method used to ask the request to the server, the file dimension obtained in response, the numeral code indicating the status of the response given from the server and other parameters concerning the operative system and the informatics environment of the user can be found.
Those data - which constitute the register of the connections - can be used from Molteni Vernici only in order to obtain anonymous statistic information concerning the employment of the website and to control its correct employment.

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of electronic mails to the addresses indicated on our website involves the successive acquirement of given personal data. Specific information regarding those given data will be contained with reference to specific services offered throughout the website.COOKIES
What are Cookies
Cookies are small text files which are memorized on the users terminals from the server of the website that they are visiting. They contain some information concerning the navigation of the user which can be read from the server which sent them during the following navigation sessions. Cookies of "third parties" are particular types of cookies for the administration of particular types of contents, which are organized from a website that is different but linked to the one used from the user; it's about images, sounds, links or other elements which are settled outside from the visited website.

What cookies need for
Cookies can be used for several purposes, among these: to ease the execution of those processes linked to the web navigation, in order to automatize some of the operations which otherwise should be repeated every time that a site is visited; to memorize some information concerning the configuration of the user terminal; to memorize navigation preferences; to check and control technical elements regarding the navigation session.Way for the consents collection
The user consent can be collected during its first access on the website, through a banner indicating some obligatory information about cookies used in it. By going on with the navigation the user accepts the settings contained in the website. In order to avoid to reintroduce the banner for every access, the site uses the technical cookie cookieConsent, which reminds the preferences expressed from the user.
If the user does not want to give its consent to the employment of some cookies, it can follow the following indications.How to install or remove cookies from the terminal
It's possible to decide which cookies to accept through the settings of the browser. The general settings of the main browsers contemplate the acceptation of cookies, but the user can modify those settings by changing the configuration of the browser. There is also the possibility to use softwares of other nature which can act on the cookies, like web services or adding components of browsers.

The Guide of the browser used to navigate contains all information needed to enable or block cookies, we indicate some rapid links to obtain it:
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

Effects coming from the deactivation of cookies
When an user decides to deactivate cookies, it's suitable to know what their characteristics are, in order to avoid modifications which are not appreciated for the navigation through the website. In particular, the deactivation of technical cookies could impeach the employment of some functions of the website.Information about cookies
Guarantor Privacy:

Rights for the concerned party
The concerned party can address to the Treatment Administrator, Molteni Vernici Srl, Via dell'Artigianato 44, 22063 Cantù (CO) Italy, tel +39 031 734181, fax +39 031 734222, in order to exercise the rights belonging to the art. 7 of the Privacy Code and to ask for the uploaded list of the Treatment Administrators.

Except for what specified with reference to the navigation data, the user is free to give all personal data which are required. When the lack of some personal data is connected with the impossibility to supply a required service, our company will indicate all the necessary data for the specific procedure or for the supply of a specific required service.

Specific safety measures are observed in order to precede the loss of data, illicit or uncorrected employments and non-authorized accesses.

The subjects whose all personal data are referred to have the right to obtain in every moment the confirmation about the existence or not of those data, and to know their content and origin, to verify their precision or to ask for their integration or upload, or their correction, in accordance with the art. 7 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.
In accordance with the same article, the user has the right to ask for the cancellation, the anonymous modification or the block of those data treated in violation of the law, or to oppose in any case against their treatment for rightful purposes, by writing to Molteni Vernici also via e-mail to the following address

The administrator of the treatment is Molteni Vernici srl, settled in Cantù (CO) 22063 Via Dell’Artigianato n. 44, which the user can contact also writing to the following address:

Molteni Vernici reserves the right to modify or amend in any moment this privacy information, also after the confirmation of new sector laws. In this case, the modifications will be valid after 15 days from the publication date on the website.

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