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22.11.2013 - by  CRS Molteni Vernici

Bronze liquid metal

POWERMETAL Bronze liquid metal represents a new series of finishings with direct adhesion with the effect of the real mirror bronze metal.

Laminated metal finishing that allows the replacement of the metal foil in Folding with a painted finishing, eliminating all the problems of composite materials, allowing the realization of the true bronze metal finishing on new complex amorphous shapes that never in terms of engineering could be thought of until now.

The product can be used on the most varied materials from metal to wood to plastic polymers, thus freeing the imagination of every designer or architect towards new frontiers.

The presence of real surface metal gives surface hardness, resistance to usury, to heat, to chemicals, to food never reached before to the product, making it suitable for both interior use for top kitchens, doors, tables, chairs, bathroom, flooring and for outdoor use such as floors, stairs, facades or structures.

POWERMETAL is a trademark patented and registered by Molteni Vernici srl.

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