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06.01.2014 - by  CRS Molteni Vernici

Liquid Metals

The CRS Molteni Vernici has created the first series of ready to use liquid Metals for all surfaces for both indoor and outdoor applications.

POWERMETAL is a product line that synthesizes a particular process that allows an easy application of cold metal by spaying on almost any surface possible.

POWERMETAL seems, feels ad acts like hot-melted metal, because it is metal.

The POWERMETAL liquid metal series adheres to the majority of surfaces, including but not limited to: MDF, wood, composites, metal, foam, plastic, chalk, fiberglass, ceramic, concrete, clay, cardboard.

Once hardened, the product has all the characteristics of a piece of molten metal or of a folding material such as structure, gloss, and thermal conductivity.

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