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28.01.2013 - by  CRS Molteni Vernici

Special effects.

Designers rediscover the copper, a very old, environmental friendly and recyclable material, creating "green" objects and furnishings.

So far, copper had remained tied to the idea of ancient objects, the old grandfather's pot was made of this "poor" metal, but now the designers seem to be rediscovering it and re-proposing it as a new furnishing trend.

Actually, some attempts to introduce this metal among the materials used by designers had already been done more than once; During the 1930s the Finnish Aalto realized some lamps, however the difficulty in stabilizing the material and in keeping it polished in a permanent way led to the abandonment of the project.

Today, thanks to the introduction of new technologies in the field of chemistry, CRS Molteni Vernici has been able to realize an anti-oxide protective product capable of keeping copper or the electroplating support stable without compromising its brightness and light.

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