Tailor made is the key.
Our purpose: innovation.
It's an heritage: the history of a design Made in Italy.


Move your Passion, Be the new Design
Melting pot of creativity, passion, technology and style.
Forge of unique effects and colors able to perfectly magnify the beauty of design.
Toy box for architects and designers able to realize every desire, without any limitations.


Unique colors and effects, able to exalt the beauty of the design.
First created in 1948 as a galvanic company producing also paints, during the years Molteni Vernici has totally dedicated itself to the production of special paints for the furniture industry. During the Seventies, the Company becomes an industrial reality, by developing its own internal production, while in the Eighties and in the Nineties, the entrance in the Factory of the third generation Molteni transforms its name in a very appealing paints' brand, known at a worldwide level and able to conquer all emergent and professional architects and designers through its thousands of finishings and colors.

“We are a tailor-made color brand - tells the AD Molteni, today at the helm of the company -. We do not offer only solutions, but we are also able to satisfy every aesthetic necessity, by building together with the client the desired dyes and finishings, and guaranteeing at the same time an absolute repeatability, always, at any time".

An ability of wearing the luxury, known not only in Italy but all around the world, result of the union between technology and tradition, and a continuous research towards style.In this way, the knowledge of the handicraftsmen redefines a product developed from the most modern industrial chemistry; the intelligence of the chemicals' hands offers sensibility and emotion to the industrial precision.

– “We know the chemistry and we belong to the fewest who are able to create endless hybrid solutions: however, in order to do this, we need to continuously invest in the research and to work in team in order to present always new solutions”.

A concept, that of the collective work, on which the company insists from lots of years. "We are a young company, with an average age of 40 and where the contamination of ideas is crucial in order to be creative".

With the production area settled in Pavia and the commercial department with the exclusive show room in Cantù, Molteni Vernici is the ideal partner for companies and professionals who work in the world of interior design, outdoor design, contract and shop fitting, today core business of the Brand. As a matter of fact, elegance, style, reliability and last are only some of the main characteristics of the company, which have allowed during the years a great industrial increase and a huge productive development of the Brand.

"We are the toy box for architects and designers. We realize every desire". The awards are a lot, like the realization of precious finishings for some cars, some important and international architectural workpieces or for the Azerbaijan stand at Expo 2015 (awarded as the most beautiful stand in the universal exposition).

"The color is the object's dress, it has a central role. The paint does not weigh too much on the object's final cost, but it's able to totally change the result, the final perception". One of the first to overlook in the international market with an entirely metal finishing, Molteni Vernici is an ADI member, the association which puts together the most important subjects of the international industrial design. "It's an award that makes us very proud, also because we live in Brianza, pulsing heart of design and our DNA is 100% Italian". As a matter of fact, nowadays Molteni Vernici keeps representing a real landmark for all those companies which feel good in every part of the world, but that do not give up to their roots and to a certain way of thinking the interior living and the outdoor design.

Forge of creativity, technology and style, Molteni Vernici represents fashion and design, tradition and innovation, elaborating at the same time always new finishings and technical solutions and developing the knowledge of always new materials.

Until arriving to be mentioned among the 81 most important companies which promote the real Made in Italy all around the world.


The activity of Research and Development carried on from the CRS Molteni Vernici is defined as the union of all those creative works started both to increase the knowledge, and to use that knowledge to develop new and future applications.

Molteni Vernici constantly effects a systematic work, based on the existent knowledges conquered through the years through the research and the practical experience, carried on in order to complete, develop or improve materials, products and productive processes, systems and services.

In order to guarantee the best to the global market, Molteni Vernici created a completely vanguard Laboratory of Research and Development. able to satisfy every kind of necessity, thanks above all to the Just in Time philosophy, and which corresponds to the offer of a personalized product to the final client, that has a high quality and available in extremely short times. By using the best chemical technology, the Laboratory daily handles researches and tests which guarantee the creation and the development of more and more performing and innovative products. We offer everyday qualified technical assistance, personalization of cycles, finishings and products, all guaranteed and supported from important and internationally known tests (UNI, ISO, DIN, ASTM).

The high flexibility of the company allows to guarantee to the final customer immediate answering timings against even complex problems both from the point of view of the manufacturing and the realization of the desired product, and from the point of view of the product's final quality. All this thanks to the employment of a know-how strong of almost 70 years of activity and to the great competence and professionalism that the Brand grew up through the years. A real creativity center settled in the pulsing heart of Brianza, where the idea comes to life, develops and takes shape in order to create new projects responding to the lifestyle philosophy of the Italian luxury.


From several years, Molteni Vernici keeps operating in the international market by guaranteeing the full respect of the environmental and chemical norms, attaching to every single formulation or mixture all the certifications ISO, REACH, ROHS and IPA. All products created by Molteni Vernici are guaranteed through strict qualitative controls carried on through the entire productive field, starting from the selection of the raw materials, to the production and packaging, until the distribution of the final product. Every item is studied and realized on the industrial concept of the environmental compatibility, and it's defined from a toxicological data sheet calculated on the single formulation, from a technical sheet and a complete and exhaustive labeling. Every package respects all UNI actual norms concerning the transportation on the road, on the railway, by sea or by air, which is carried on with specific equipments and in the full respect of all ADR legislations.
The main purpose of Molteni Vernici is the reduction of the environmental impact through:
- the systematic elimination of any toxic or highly injurious substance and the reduction of injurious organic solvents;
- the exploitation of the best available technologies, addressed not only to performing improvements, but also to the reduction of the atmospheric emissions and a major safety on work.


The purpose of the environmental design created by Molteni Vernici corresponds to the elimination or the concrete reduction of all negative effects of the industrial production on the environment, through a careful planning towards environmental themes. Through the employment of renewable resources, materials and productive processes, we can be obtained a less impact on the natural environment.As a matter of fact, the sustainable design is the result of an integrated process between design, architecture and city planning. Starting from the planning of small objects used everyday to the realization of whole urban areas, the sustainable design finds application in several different fields: architecture, landscape architecture, town design, town planning, engineering, graphic design, industrial design, interior design and fashion design.The main principles which daily articulate the production of the Brand are:
- the employment of sustainable materials: non-toxic, recycled or recyclable materials, realized in accordance with productive processes which use alternative energies;- energetic saving: employment of productive processes or products which consume less energy;- quality and durability: a major resistance against usury and an optimal employment guarantee a reduction of the produced wastes' impact;- design and recycle: a project which provides for a second employment for the produced object, both in its aspect and in its function.


I processi che scandiscono la produzione annuale dell'Azienda sono costituiti soprattutto da eccellenti standard di precisione industriale, grande passione lavorativa, tecnologia rivoluzionaria e tradizione innovativa.


Molteni Vernici opera da anni nel mercato internazionale garantendo il pieno rispetto di tutte le attuali normative ambientali e chimiche, corredando ogni singola formulazione o miscela di tutte le certificazioni di norma ISO, REACH, ROHS e IPA. Tutti i prodotti firmati Molteni Vernici sono garantiti da severi controlli di qualità eseguiti sulla filiera produttiva, dalla selezione delle materie prime, alla produzione, al confezionamento, fino alla distribuzione del prodotto finito. Ogni prodotto viene studiato e realizzato sul concetto industriale dell’ecocompatibilità, ed  è dotato di una scheda tossicologica calcolata sulla singola formulazione, di una scheda tecnica e di un'etichettatura completa ed esaustiva. Ogni packaging rispetta tutte le normative UNI vigenti per il trasporto a mezzo strada, ferrovia, mare o aereo, che viene effettuato con attrezzature omologate e nel pieno rispetto delle normative ADR.L’obiettivo primario di Molteni Vernici è la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale attraverso:- l'eliminazione sistematica di qualunque sostanza tossica o altamente nociva e la riduzione dei solventi organici nocivi;- lo sfruttamento delle migliori tecnologie disponibili, rivolte non solo al miglioramento delle prestazioni, ma anche alla riduzione delle emissioni in atmosfera e ad una maggior sicurezza sul lavoro.


L’obiettivo del design ecosostenibile firmato Molteni Vernici si traduce nell’eliminazione o riduzione concreta degli effetti negativi della produzione industriale sull'ambiente, attraverso una progettazione attenta alle tematiche ambientali. Attraverso l’utilizzo di risorse, materiali e processi produttivi rinnovabili, si ottiene un minor impatto nell’ambiente naturale. Il design sostenibile è il risultato di un processo integrato tra design, architettura e urbanistica. Dalla progettazione di piccoli oggetti di utilizzo quotidiano alla realizzazioni di aree urbane, il design sostenibile trova appllicazioni in numerosi settori: architettura, architettura del paesaggio, design urbano, progettazione urbanistica, ingegneria, graphic design, industrial design, interior design e fashion design.
I principi generali che scandiscono quotidianamente la produzione del Brand sono:
- l'utilizzo di materiali sostenibili: materiali non tossici, riciclati o riciclabili, realizzati secondo processi produttivi che utilizzano energie alternative;
- risparmio energetico: utilizzo di processi produttivi o prodotti che consumano meno energia;
- qualità e durabilità: una maggiore resistenza all’usura ed un funzionamento ottimale garantiscono una riduzione dell’impatto dei rifiuti prodotti;
- design e riciclo: un progetto che prevede un secondo utilizzo per l’oggetto prodotto, sia come nel suo aspetto che nella sua funzione.


Molteni Vernici melts together the craftsmanship of its territory and the know-how of the company, grown up during seventy years of experience with the most advanced technology, which has been introduced both inside the productive processes through the selection of new raw materials and modern working machines, and during the prototyping phases of new projects. The technology created by Molteni Vernici is in constant evolution in order to guarantee to its costumers only and always the best results in the chemical and physical field.

Very important collaborations with several universities known all around the world and, in particular, with the American University of Applied Science and Technology, have allowed the introduction of the so-called "nanotechnology" inside its own productive lines, which means the employment of infinitesimal small particles but with great chemical and physical abilities able to confer unique characteristics of mechanical, chemical and physical resistance that are extremely innovative in the world of paints.
The Brand presents itself on the international market through two different lines of highly technological products: a solvent line and a water line, both represented from all primers, bases, intermediates, nanoceramic top coats, anti-touch and finishings with special effects.

All this can be possible only if supported from an efficient laboratory of planning, execution, inspection and quality control, where every product and engineered cycle is projected and controlled in all details with the purpose of guaranteeing to every final client the prototyping and the industrialization of endless types of finishings with special effects, which are able to represent the highest standards of chemical and physical quality and resistance.


All projects of industrial innovation which every day Molteni Vernici carries on in order to continuously improve its qualitative standards represents the most innovative instrument of intervention for the launch of the industrial policy of Design and Architecture.

It's about projects of organic intervention, which aim to develop a specific type of products and services with a high content of innovation in strategical areas like design efficiency, sustainable architecture, innovative technologies for the Made in Italy.

Make innovation for Molteni Vernici means something very particular: it means to catch all visual incentives coming from the external world and to transform them in new products, technologies and finishings, it means to look around, to carefully observe the surroundings, to perceive all language changes, to study fashion, design, publishing, traveling with an always curious look. The most important physical and aesthetic solutions come to life from the capacity of innovation and continuous research coming from the Brand.

Molteni Vernici daily invests in the research and development of new technologies, pushing its own products towards new frontiers of resistance and industrial employment.
Through an important know-how developed in more than a half century of tradition, and working together with the most advanced chemistry of new generation, Molteni Vernici constantly creates more and more performing finishings, able to guarantee the top level of the color design available on the international market.

All this huge alliance between technology and experience brings in this way the Company at the extreme levels of the production and manufacturing of paints and finishings with special effects all around the world.


Molteni Vernici, in collaboration with Designers, Architects, Artists and young creative people coming from fields like fashion, interior design, outdoor design, architecture and luxury design, creates the new Color Style Centre.

The main purpose of the Style Centre Molteni Vernici is to transform all ideas, which come to life from the co-working of a young team which represents the future of the Design Made in Italy together with the employment of the most advanced chemical technology in real and concrete finishings, by guaranteeing in this way the exclusivity of a unique and strong design for every final client.

In the industrial design, color represents the added value of the product and, if well studied and projected, can guarantee the real success of the project.
During the last years, there has been a more and more demanding production of identical objects which could be distinguished only for the different employment of the color, in order to avoid the anonymousness and to contribute to make the product more captivating on the international market.
A real landmark of the prototyping philosophy of the Brand Molteni Vernici is the concept of synesthesia, a concept which belongs to the interaction and the contamination among several different senses belonging to the human being.

As a matter of fact, a good planning has to focus also on the total satisfaction of the perceptive expectations of the final user; making perfect the visual expectations but leaving completely the attention towards all the other senses, produces undesired effects which can undermine the complex satisfaction of the final workpiece.In this sense, it's about the infinite dualism shape/color, where different waves of thought keep exchanging themselves in a continuous way; shape is certainly determining in our perception of an object (also an architectural object), but it's also true that color has the power to change the perception of the shape.

Furthermore, between these two elements light covers a very important role, because it represents a necessary condition for the own existence of the color.The difficulty in the integrated management of all these elements that are so different among them, but also so correlated one to the other proves the absolute necessity of the existence of a project, and that this project represents the result of vertical researches and professionalism then able to integrate one to the other. Just for this reason, Molteni Vernici places its own know-how and its creative area called Style Centre at disposal of all those Brands, Designers or Architects who want to transform a simple utopia in a great project.

Right evaluations of the support, conditions of employment of the final workpiece, characteristics of the product's final texture, industrialization costs, climatic and technical applicative conditions are only some of those parameters which, thanks to the help of a team of specialized technicians of the Brand, can give life to the success of the final product.And it's just this the daily mission carried on from Molteni Vernici, a mission which is considered as the result which derives from the fusion among a great idea, an important project, the choice of the right support, low industrial costs and the selection of the perfect finishing, considered the real soul of the product and which gives life to the excellence through craftsmen of the real style Made in Italy.

In this way, color and finishing are intended as the heart and the soul of an object, a design and an architectural workpiece.
Flexibility and experience allow rapid and concrete delivery times, which go beyond the highest industrial standards.The advices coming from the technicians Molteni Vernici, who are specialized from years in the field of color design and architecture, will guide every single client towards the realization of the final product, starting from the prototyping phase to the real industrialization phase.


Molteni Vernici invites all young designers to participate with their own ideas to the project Creative Area, a project which has the main objective of guaranteeing the possibility to realize and expose all ideas through an exclusive window at an international level, able to promote the luxury and elegance in the sign of the real style Made in Italy.

All designers who would like to realize and show their creations worldwide can send their specific projects to the Color Design Department Molteni Vernici and, followed by the expert team of the Company, could shape their ideas with their own hands and allow other companies and institutions to find new talents in order to satisfy the increasing and demanding need of new incentives in the stylistic and architectural field.

Creative Area is a no-profit project developed from Molteni Vernici, through which the Company proposes to collaborate and contribute to the development of new ideas belonging to young creative people in the field of the Contemporary Design. In this way, Molteni Vernici wants to become a real landmark for all those young talents who want to present their own ideas to the world of Design and Architecture, by offering a creative area to all brands which believe in the innovation and in the real design Made in Italy.

"All things are in the air, what it counts is who realize them."  Andy Warhol

"Tutte le cose sono nell'aria, conta solo chi le realizza." Andy Warhol
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