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A window onto the universe of creative possibilities that can be realised with Molteni Vernici's special paints


The Moodboards shown on this page open a window onto the universe of creative possibilities that can be realised with Molteni Vernici's special paints. Whether you are an interior designer, architect, artist or simply a design lover, you will find a treasure of inspiration for your ideas here. Our extensive collection of over 100 moodboards has been carefully selected to offer you a wide variety of styles, shades and tones, each designed to help you create finishes that capture the essence of nature itself.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


You can discover the Moodboards by simply scrolling or filtering them: dynamic filters are the key to making this experience even more immersive. You can select the type of finish and textures that interest you most. In this way, you can focus exclusively on what inspires you and is relevant for your current work or project. By looking at the selected moodboards and clicking on the names of the paints, you will be landing on the page dedicated to the paint of your choice where you will see all available colour variants, technical characteristics, compatible materials and application methods.


Every month our experts continue to work diligently to create new combinations and Moodboards inspired by the latest trends and the most fascinating natural elements. We invite you to come back often to explore the latest innovations and discover how our collection grows and evolves over time. Also, to keep up to date with our latest creations and new releases, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter: you will be among the first to receive news about emerging trends, cutting-edge special paints and the latest moodboards directly in your inbox. Don't miss the opportunity to stay at the forefront of Molteni Vernici's universe of world-class special finishes.

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