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We could talk about quality, the one contained in materials, products, offered services.

We could talk about shapes, colours. About our obsessive care for all the details and the constant research and innovation throughout our industrial processes. About the refinement of the aesthetics, our very personal taste for beauty, real expression of the purest Made in Italy.

We could talk about constant innovation, but also about a belonging sense to artisan tradition, fusion which brings not only tangible results from internationally known designers, but also the meeting’s poetry between tradition and modernity, among hands, heart, chemistry, materials.

But the only expression that truly encompasses all that we are is simply emotion.

Emotion for sight, with no doubts, result of our constant trend towards all those motivations coming from the world outside and to transform them into always new and fascinating products.

However, emotion is also, and perhaps mainly, for touch, the only one of the five senses through which, by definition, one really learns the tangible quality of bodily things. The only sense that that primordial function of knowledge and stimulation of emotions has.

Emotions that we at Molteni Vernici aim to give, combining with style and elegance all the features that for years have made us a point of reference in the luxury market in the interior and outdoor design sector.

The French painter Gauguin said "First of all, emotion. Only after understanding. "

And this is how our products and our creations aim to capture the soul: thrilling, hitting the heart, becoming an almost dreamlike experience involving all the senses, and only afterwards, and right through this, making understand what those products are, represent, carry with them.

molteni vernici

Forge of unique effects and colors able to perfectly magnify the beauty of design.

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