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Special Paints - Pure Passion

Molteni Vernici represents much more than a design company: it is a passion that dates back to 1948, handed down from generation to generation, a dedication to tradition and Italian craftsmanship. This passion is reflected in every product the Brianza-based company makes: every detail is carefully attended to and every material is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Molteni Vernici has developed a new concept of "MADE IN ITALY" that combines Brianza craftsmanship, Italian elegance and style with innovation and research.

Thanks to a design in constant movement, Molteni Vernici offers unique, high quality products that meet the needs of the most refined customers, capable of transmitting a special emotion: the emotion of owning a unique, hand-made, inimitable piece that can transform any environment into a work of art. Passion and constant commitment to improving its technologies and products have made Molteni Vernici a leading company in the international design sector.

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The Molteni Vernici Plus

With the expression "+ Made in Italy", Molteni Vernici wants to emphasise how Italian craftsmanship and industrial production, which has always led all its high quality products to excel in international commercial competition, is the true beating and creative heart of the brand from the very beginning of its industrial production.

The term "Plus", on the other hand, represents the added value that every single product signed Molteni Vernici receives from the design phase to the development and marketing phase at industrial level. Every product is designed, manufactured and sold throughout the world with the utmost attention to detail, quality and durability.

Molteni Vernici dictates the trends of true Made in Italy style, transforming every idea, project or utopia into the most high-performance luxury and design finish, which only the excellence of architecture, furnishing, contract and shop fitting can afford to flaunt in their work.

Molteni Vernici is talent, passion, creativity, but above all the will to make quality things, because only the things we make make us what we are. "Made in Italy" is a brand that reflects the reality of Italy, capable of great industrial enterprises, of art, of great inventiveness, of the picturesque country and of young people who grow up and find talent and put it into practice.

The only expression that best encapsulates all that we are is emotion, which is conveyed both through sight, thanks to our constant tendency to capture stimuli from the outside world and transform them into fascinating products, and through touch, the only sense that allows us to appreciate the tangible quality of bodily things, stimulating the emotions.

Always and only in authentic Made in Italy style.

Vernici speciali per architettura e design: soluzioni innovative e di qualità


Molteni Vernici, recognised at European level as a Colour Designer.

The Company Molteni Vernici S.r.l. is registered in the European Register of BEDA (BUREAU OF EUROPEAN DESIGN ASSOCIATIONS) as a designer. BEDA boasts forty-two members from twenty-four member states in Europe.

Members may be design promotion centers and other publicly funded organizations that promote design at the national or regional level, as well as professional and trade associations for designers throughout Europe. These professional associations represent some 400,000 designers from across Europe in every discipline of work, from industrial and interior design to digital design and branding.

BEDA is a nonprofit organization based in Brussels, and is funded in its entirety by its members. It is managed entirely by a board of directors elected every two years. BEDA was founded in 1969, when there was little knowledge and awareness of the impact designers could have in the business world.

BEDA was able to bring together professional design associations from all over Europe and give it a completely new identity united in one purpose: to promote true design in the world.Initially, membership was only possible for trade associations. Geographically there was a focus on the European Union.

Over time, however, membership was extended to design centers and countries outside the EU, but within the "geographical limits of Europe." As a consequence, the association changed its name from Bureau of European Designers' Association to Bureau of European Design Associations, seemingly a small change, but one that indelibly marked the history and subsequent decisions of the organization.

From this, advocacy organizations with their unique background, expertise, and policy experience at national and regional levels quickly began to address ever-changing policy agendas, thus contributing to the global understanding of the potential of design as a tool for real change.

Today, design is an integral part of BEDA's innovation policy, which continues to be deeply involved in shaping policy for Europe.


Molteni Vernici, ADI Member at the international level.

After many commitments to proudly promote the true and unique Design Made in Italy, Molteni Vernici becomes to all intents and purposes, on company merits, an ADI Member, that is, a Brand recognized internationally as a true and unique manufacturer of paints and finishes dedicated to the world of Design.

With this integration, Molteni Vernici consolidates its professional commitment to the world of Design, guaranteeing to all customers belonging to the Family Brand an added value aimed at raising awareness of the elegance, unique style, craftsmanship and uniqueness of true Made in Italy in the world.

Since 1956, the ADI association has brought together designers, companies, researchers, teachers, critics and journalists around the themes of design: design, consumption, recycling, and education. It is a protagonist in the development of industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon.Its purpose is to promote and help implement, on a nonprofit basis, the most appropriate conditions for the design of goods and services, through cultural debate, intervention with institutions, and the provision of services.

It has owned and managed since 1962 the Compasso d'Oro Prize, Europe's oldest award in the design sector, and its Historical Collection, which collects award-winning objects and documentation, promoting historical research and mounting in-depth exhibitions. Worldwide, ADI is a founding member of ICSID International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, the body of industrial design associations in the countries of the world; it is a founding member of BEDA Bureau of European Design Associations, the body that brings together the professional associations of industrial design in the countries of Europe, of which Molteni Vernici is also a member. Finally, it is a member of ICOGRADA International Council of Graphic Design Associations, the international body that brings together the professional associations of graphic designers.

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