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the “Layer Effect” finishes by Molteni Vernici wins the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2019 Award.

With an elegant and functional design characterized by unique and decisive lines, the new LAYER effect finishes come to life showing all their splendor and their inexpressible versatility through the surprising “bookbike” project, presented on Monday 14 October on the occasion of the ADI DESIGN INDEX Gala.

“LAYER EFFECT”, the revolutionary line of finishes of the Molteni Vernici Brand, is a material amplifier, able to give the treated surfaces the unmistakable soft and luminous appearance of bronzed, burnished or brushed metal. We are a tailor shop for colour - tells the art director Molteni, now at the helm of the company -. The pursuit of beauty is the centre of our work. Being able to reproduce the magic of time on noble materials is a wish that has become reality”

It is from this creative always-evolving mind-set that the BOOKBIKE project is born, previewed at the Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum in Milan.
A project born from the creative flair of the Style Center of Molteni Vernici, that is able to translate into concrete finishes the ideas born from the co-working of a work team that represents the future of Made in Italy and that allows to test by hand the elegance of the new LAYER EFFECT finishes.

“Not only do we offer solutions - he continues - but we are able to satisfy any aesthetic requirement, creating together with the customer the desired shades and finishes, guaranteeing absolute repeatability, always, at any time ".

The new entirely Made-in-Italy Layer Effect collection, was born precisely to satisfy the needs and the architectonic utopias of Brand, Artists and Designer.

Following the ancient Italian tradition based on creativity and the exclusiveness of true style and with the support of the most advanced technologies, the Molteni Vernici Brand has come to define an extraordinary finish, which is industrially applicable by spraying on any type of support such as metals, metallic alloys, AISI steel, plastic polymers, MDF, wood and the like. Resistant to weather, to major cleaning products, to food, non-yellowing, anti-wear and anti-touch. Product suitable both for indoor applications (doors, furniture, kitchens, appliances, profiles, furnishing accessories, frames, accessories, handles), and for outdoor applications (doors and windows, facades, architecture, structures, roofs and coatings).
Certified product: UNI EN1518: 2007; EN ISO 2808:2007; UNI EN 15185:2011 ; UNI EN 12720:2013 ; UNI EN 2409:2013 ; UNI 9429:2015;

A finish of revolution in the world of Design, able to achieve a series of international awards; the latest in order of time is the ADI INDEX DESIGN 2019 competition. BOOKBIKE - with the Layer Effect Macao1 finish -, along with other 200 objects representative of all the design trends selected throughout the national territory by over 100 experts from the Permanent Design Observatory, it takes part to the race for the most coveted award from all the Brands and internationally renowned architects, the Compasso d'Oro Award.

The BOOKBIKE project, on display at the Leonardo da Vinci Science and Technology Museum in Milan and from November 22nd to 26th in Rome, at the Casa dell'Architettura.

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