A truly work of art generated from the creative link between pure bases, symbol of elegance, and regular geometric lines.

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October 22, 2020
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Guided by the idea that elegance comes from simplicity and not necessarily from pomp, Molteni Vernici arrives at the cradle of an ancient and precious art: mosaic with eggshells.
Passing from the Far East to the Court of the Sun King, this extraordinary decorative art has given life, over the centuries, to real works of art with an extraordinary visual impact. And it is just starting from the revolutionary ideas of the past that the CRS Molteni Vernici fits into the historical line and writes its current part giving life to a new creation ready to amaze.

Molteni Vernici, once again, does not betray the promise made to innovation and eco-sustainability, presenting to the world the finishing Coquille D'Oeuf™, an extra-glossy water-based effect in imitation of the slight fractures of the eggshell.

"Molteni Vernici, once again, does not betray the promise made to innovation and eco-sustainability"

A new finish designed by continuous and soft raven lines that seek meeting and not clashing points. A work of art generated by the creative communion between white bases, symbol of elegance, and regular geometric lines.
The idea of ​​a light crack ready to celebrate the delicacy of birth: the amazement of the opening of a fragile and at the same time perfect shell.

Here Molteni Vernici celebrates the birth of Coquille D’Oeuf™, an extraordinarily elegant texture that can be adapted to any type of support, be it wood, plastic or metal, accompanied by the famous resistance that only Molteni Vernici finishes can boast.

An authentic combination of delicacy, resistance and undisputed elegance.


Coquille D’Oeuf™. Nature inspiring us, art becoming design.
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SARA Semprini
Press Office

Molteni Vernici


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