The Laboratory R&D Molteni Vernici, core business of several innovative and revolutionary ideas which have represented more than once...

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January 31, 2017
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The Laboratory R&D Molteni Vernici, core business and center of several revolutionary and innovative ideas which have represented more than once during the years a real turnover from the chemical, artistic, cultural and architectural point of view, has given life to another series of special finishings, which are representing the first place in the world of design and contemporary furniture at a worldwide level.

The new series of special finishings has been called Delabrè and has already reached extraordinary results both in the field of Architecture, Design and Contract, by finding applications on the main supports and materials used nowadays as a starting point for the creation of furniture complements, accessories, lighting, kitchens, bathroom, home living, interior and outdoor design, contract, shop fitting, retail, and in the field of the industrial series production.

Appreciated in a particular way for its incredible ability to shape itself on every kind of raw material (through the employment of specific adhesion primers) and for its special architectural beauty, the series Delabrè finds among its most important characteristics a final aesthetic aspect that can be obtained through a simple application by pneumatic or electrostatic spraying; a surprising final result, which has known how to capture the attention of the most important Artists and Architects operating at a national and an international levels, a result which perfectly embodies the aspect of a real sheet of natural vintage bronzed brass or, equally, a real sheet of vintage burnished copper.

Endless lines which intersect one into the other, light but visible, which build up through their curve progress a carefully traced texture which is able to form unique and exclusive drawings, which transform a normal furniture complement into a unique piece, a real design object that is imitated and desired from everybody just because it's unique and unrepeatable.

Delabrè Deluxe, the new frontier of luxury and design Made in Italy.

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