Molteni Vernici introduces MATERICO CALAMINA, the innovative finish that redefines the concept of special paints and special finishes.

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February 5, 2024
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Molteni Vernici Revolutionizes Design with the "MATERICO CALAMINA" Finish

Molteni Vernici, an undisputed leader in the landscape of quality paints and finishes, announces the launch of MATERICO CALAMINA, a cutting-edge finish that is redefining the standards of special paints and special finishes in the design and furnishing sector. Thanks to this innovative solution, it is now possible to transform any surface, from wood to metals and plastics, into authentic works of art that mimic the appearance and feel of black iron, combining strength, elegance, and distinctive character.

MATERICO CALAMINA emerges as an ideal solution for those looking to incorporate elements of industrial design and modern architecture into their creations, offering a viable and easy-maintenance alternative to the traditional challenges associated with using black iron. This finish represents not just a milestone in the world of special paints but also an unparalleled tactile and visual experience, ensuring a sensory discovery through texture, patina, and the warmth typical of iron.

Materic Iron Calamine
"With MATERICO CALAMINA, explore new horizons of design and durability: the perfect synthesis between special paints and special finishes for every creation."

The innovation of MATERICO CALAMINA is at the heart of Molteni Vernici's offerings, demonstrating the company's commitment to the research and development of special finishes that combine aesthetics and functionality. This finish stands out not only for its ability to adapt to various contexts, both indoors and outdoors, but also for its contribution to sustainability, offering a durable and resistant alternative.

In conclusion, MATERICO CALAMINA by Molteni Vernici represents a true statement of style, uniquely combining special paints and special finishes. It is the perfect solution for designers, architects, and interior design enthusiasts who wish to bring a touch of boldness and innovation to their creations, reaffirming Molteni Vernici as a benchmark in the sector of high-quality finishes.

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