Molteni Vernici announces a pioneering collaboration at Casa Ornella, merging special paints and finishes for a sustainable future.

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April 9, 2024
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As Milan gears up to host the most anticipated week in the design world, Molteni Vernici positions itself at the forefront of innovation with an announcement that promises to revolutionize Salone del Mobile 2024. Synonymous with excellence in the field of special paints and finishes, the company recently unveiled its latest collaborative project: transforming Casa Ornella, a prestigious internationally recognized art gallery, into an artistic installation that challenges the boundaries between science and art, innovation, and sustainability.

This year, even before the official opening of the Salone, Molteni Vernici invites design enthusiasts, artists, and sustainability advocates to discover the magic of Casa Ornella in preview. An experience that promises to immerse visitors in a world where color and shape merge in a continuous dialogue with light and space, creating a kaleidoscopic visual effect and an unprecedented interactive dynamic.

The creation of a special paint capable of changing shades under different angles of light was a challenge that required not only technical ingenuity but also a deep understanding of material science. This result, the fruit of months of research and experimentation by Molteni Vernici's R&D team in close collaboration with visionary artists, represents the apex of the union between art and science, offering a new dimension to visual storytelling and the creation of immersive experiences.

"At the forefront of innovation, Molteni Vernici sets the stage for an unforgettable Salone del Mobile 2024."

The project goes beyond aesthetics: it is a declaration of sustainability and ecological responsibility. Casa Ornella transforms into a symbol of how luxurious spaces can embrace the culture of design while respecting the environment. The use of eco-compatible paints, part of Molteni Vernici's new water-based series, underscores the company's commitment not only to aesthetic innovation but also to sustainable practices.

Molteni Vernici is set to unveil during Fuori Salone 2024 a place where every detail speaks of passion for art, love for design, and respect for the planet. This preview of Salone del Mobile is not just an exhibition of technology and creativity; it is an invitation to reflect on the power of design to transform spaces in ways that nourish the soul and respect the earth.

With this initiative, Molteni Vernici not only confirms its leadership in the world of coatings but also opens new frontiers in interior design. The promise is that of a future where beauty, functionality, and sustainability intertwine harmoniously, witnessing the crucial role of innovation in creating spaces that inspire and respect the environment.

On the eve of Salone del Mobile 2024, Molteni Vernici invites everyone to join this journey towards innovation and sustainability, demonstrating that every surface, every color, tells a story of passion, research, and respect for our planet.

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Via Conca del Naviglio 10, MILAN

from APRIL 16 to 21, 2024

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