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All news about special finishings for the world of
architecture, design and contract.

This is the title of the new article published in the Platinum magazine for Il Sole 24 Ore that is entirely dedicated to the Molteni Vernici research and development

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Molteni Vernici, The tailoring of color

This is the title of the new article published in the Platinum magazine for Il Sole 24 Ore that is entirely dedicated to the research and development activity carried out during all these years by the Brand Molteni Vernici for the world of architecture, design and contract.

Tireless researcher of technical innovation and revolutionary solutions both in the chemical and in the stylistic field, the Brand Molteni Vernici was, indeed, honored by the Italian newspaper for its extraordinary commitment demonstrated over the years in the field of elite industrial production of very high level products, highly requested by all Architects, Designers and Companies which aim, above all, at the quality of the authentic Made-in-Italy-product.

– A pioneer of a quality standard without comparison of its products and of the global promotion of the true Made-in-Italy-style, Molteni Vernici has become over the years a real point of reference for all companies in the sector, thanks to the great care placed in the development of the single detail and in the ultra-performing characteristics of its special products.

Indeed, since 1948, Molteni Vernici has been able to transform "its surname into a brand of paint rich in appeal, recognized throughout the world and which is able to conquer emerging architects and professionals of international fame with its thousands of catalogs' finishings". This is what is mentioned in the article dedicated to the Company in the monthly magazine Platinum, the leading magazine of the most famous economic newspaper of the Bel Paese, which illustrates in its pages the Italian and international economic overview through its main interlocutors.

The main subject of the article is, among the others, the ability of Molteni Vernici to present itself to the national and international parterre as a real tailoring of color, defining itself as a "toy box of architects and designers"; a sort of world apart, made up of infinite solutions of design and architecture, which can interface perfectly with art and fashion, developing in this way incredible revolutionary projects, still unthinkable at the engineering level until now.

Just like in a tailor shop, customers are guided through thousands of different finishings, which can be combined with natural elements such as metal, plastic and wood in a unique and surprising way, revolutionizing industrial applications, architectural projects and stylistic utopias at the same time.

"The color is the dress of an object, it has a central role". And Molteni Vernici, just like a stylist, knows how to bring out its intrinsic beauty, a beauty dictated not only by the chosen support, but above all by the selected finishing that covers and redraws its shapes, a finishing that can transform a small object belonging to our everyday life in a true style icon in the field of international design.

In short, "a forge of creativity, technology and style, Molteni Vernici combines fashion and design, tradition and innovation, always developing new finishings and technical solutions, developing the knowledge of materials and experimenting new ones".

Just like a true style icon can do.

Source "Platinum-Il Sole 24 Ore"

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