Discover the NEVER FLAME collection by Molteni Vernici: a unique synergy of special paints and metallic finishes.

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November 20, 2023
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Molteni Vernici, a leader in the field of special paints, proudly presents its latest revolutionary innovation: the NEVER FLAME collection.
This exclusive range of special paints is designed for those seeking high-quality metallic finishes, combining aesthetics and functionality in a single product.

Never Flame, New Collection

NEVER FLAME is much more than just paint; it is the result of an innovative fusion of art and science. These special paints have been developed to replicate the vibrancy and warmth of fire, offering a unique visual and tactile effect. The collection stands out for its ability to transform every surface, from metals to wood, from plastic to glass, into an artwork that reflects a distinctive metallic light.

"With the NEVER FLAME collection, Molteni Vernici redefines metallic finishes, merging unique aesthetics and superior quality for extraordinary and lasting results."

The NEVER FLAME series exemplifies the best of modern metallic finishes. Each product in this collection is designed to emulate the perfect dance of flames, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and premium materials. These special paints combine the aesthetics of real fire with the resistance and durability expected from high-end metallic finishes.

Special Paints by Molteni Vernici

With NEVER FLAME, Molteni Vernici captures not only the eye but also tells a timeless story, igniting creativity and passion in each application. This collection is perfect for those looking for special paints capable of offering exceptional metallic finishes, transforming every surface into an expressive and vibrant canvas.

Discover the NEVER FLAME collection by Molteni Vernici and be inspired by the endless creative possibilities these special paints and metallic finishes can offer. Molteni Vernici – where art meets innovation in coating technology.

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