Explore how Molteni Vernici combines warmth and style to transform design with special paints, as showcased in the 'Door' magazine.

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December 15, 2023
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Milan, Italy – Molteni Vernici, a leader in the special paint industry, is proud to announce its latest appearance in the prestigious design magazine 'Door', a publication of La Repubblica. This feature highlights how Molteni Vernici's finishes transform living spaces, uniquely combining warmth and style. Our range of special paints has been designed to provide innovative and fashionable solutions for every design project, especially during the winter season when renovation and renewal become key.

Our products are not just elements of style but also contribute to innovation in design. With Molteni Vernici, every space becomes a work of art, reflecting unique personality and taste. Our presence in 'Door' underscores the importance of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the special paint sector.

Special Paints by Molteni Vernici
Renew and enhance your spaces with Molteni Vernici's innovative special paints, the ideal choice for every design project.

We invite designers, architects, and interior enthusiasts to discover our feature in 'Door' and be inspired for their next winter renovation projects. With Molteni Vernici, design becomes a unique experience, transforming every space into a masterpiece of style and comfort.

For more information on our products and our innovations in the field of special paints, please visit our website or contact us directly. Molteni Vernici is here to help you realize your vision of design.

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