Molteni Vernici has been awarded from Regione Lombardia and ADI Lombardia among the EXCELLENCE OF THE LOMBARD DESIGN.

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December 17, 2019
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Molteni Vernici has been awarded from Regione Lombardia and ADI Lombardia among the EXCELLENCE OF THE LOMBARD DESIGN.

With this communication the Company crowns the efforts of three generations of dedition. A communication that has come straight to the heart of Molteni Vernici in a mixture of pride for the goal achieved and satisfaction for achieving increasingly cutting-edge results.

The passion, the patience, the propulsive impulse coming from the Centre of Research and Development Molteni Vernici have been recognized from the Association for the Industrial Design and officially awarded on December 17th 2019 at Grattacielo Pirelli, Auditorium Gaber with the participation of the Assessor for the Turism, Fashion and Territory Marketing, Lara Magoni, of the President ADI, Luciano Galimberti, of the president of Fondazione ADI Collection Compasso d'Oro, Umberto Cabini and of the President ADI Lombardia, Andrea Rovatti.

A not inconsiderable goal for a cohesive team that works with a push towards a continuous innovation, with the strength towards a constant improvement and the awareness that there is always space and time to do it. Definitely a satisfaction, an opportunity, a springboard and a visibility, but also and above all a guarantee for the customer.
The quality of products up to any request, tested, certified and available in a range of colors and in a variety of effects that allow the expression of the client's creativity and personality and the recognition of his touch in any project.

A production Made to Measure, realized in accordance with the individual necessities of the client, in order to build and create great and quality solutions for specific projects.

It’s just in this way that the Brand melts Coatings and Design, with the final purpose of transforming the poorest materials into precious products, able to handle with the beauty and the soul of the most precious metals with the characteristics of ductility, malleability and lightness of the supports for the specific project. Products with adhesion on metal, plastic, wood and composites for indoor and outdoor applications.
Captivating finishings, colorations able to give value to every design, a game of different effects between present and past on the unique boundary of the pure elegance and the real and unique style Made in Italy.

All this represents the pride of Molteni Vernici which, from one generation to the other, creates the ideal of an amazing production of the best quality.

An award able to push further the team and which gives it more and more power in order to establish always new finishings and to go towards the right direction: the extraordinary combination among innovation, technology and pure Design.

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