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November 27, 2023
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'La Provincia di Como' Praises Molteni Vernici's Special Paints for Innovation in Design

Molteni Vernici, a renowned name in the special paints sector, was recently celebrated in an article by 'La Provincia di Como' for its commitment to innovation and special paint design. This recognition from a reputable local newspaper emphasizes the importance and impact of Molteni Vernici's special paints in the design industry.

The article highlights Molteni Vernici's success in obtaining for the third time the Adi Design Index 2023, a prestigious accolade that testifies to the excellence of its special paints in the world of design. Following the Honorable Mention at the XXVII Compasso d'Oro received in 2022, Molteni Vernici's position as a leader in high-quality special paints has been further consolidated.

News "La Provincia di Como"
"Molteni Vernici's special paints are not just a product, but a true revolution in design: sustainability, innovation, and beauty merge to create finishes of exceptional quality and aesthetic impact."

The Idro Royale collection, a line of special paints that transforms common materials into creations of extraordinary value, was featured in the article for its ability to combine innovation, sustainability, and design. The collaboration with designer Raffaella Mangiarotti and the use of shades like Oro Royale and Blu Imperiale Royale led to the creation of a harmonic steel sculpture that exemplifies the quality and innovation of Molteni Vernici's special paints.

The article by 'La Provincia di Como' also praised Molteni Vernici's eco-friendly approach. The special paints of the Idro Royale line, formulated entirely with water, free of formaldehyde and zero VOC, represent a significant advancement towards sustainability in the paint sector.

Roberto Molteni, leader of Molteni Vernici, expressed his enthusiasm for this recognition, stating that the company's focus on innovation and sustainability in special paints is receiving deserved attention.

With this article, Molteni Vernici reaffirms its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation in the special paints sector, offering the market cutting-edge solutions that reflect its long tradition of quality and creativity in the design of special paints."

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