Molteni Vernici captures the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2023 Award with Idro Royale, exalting excellence in the special paints field.

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November 7, 2023
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Molteni Vernici wins the prestigious ADI DESIGN INDEX 2023 Award with the products of the IDRO ROYALE series.

Idro Royale by Molteni Vernici celebrates its victory to the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2023 Award, confirming itself as an excellence in the 2023 Design Olympus.

Milan, November 2023 - It is with great pride that we announce the victory of Idro Royale by Molteni Vernici to the prestigious ADI DESIGN INDEX 2023 Award. This Award, now the third ADI DESIGN INDEX received by the Company, adds to the prestigious XXVII Compasso d'Oro Honorable Mention received in 2022.


This succession of awards not only attests to the excellence of Molteni Vernici-branded products but also puts Idro Royale in contention for the renowned Compasso d'Oro 2024, a goal that every creative and producer in the design sector aspires to achieve.

The luxurious ceremony took place at the ADI Museum of the Industrial Design Association in Piazza Compasso d'Oro, Milan, on the evening of November 6. During the ceremony, held in front of the highest industry authorities, the most important institutional figures and the most important international design companies were present, accompanied by the most prestigious architects in the world.

For the special occasion, Idro Royale was masterfully applied to a harmonic steel sculpture, hand-designed and modeled as a unique piece of art by Designer Raffaella Mangiarotti, and enriched with two distinctive shades of Idro Royale finishes: Royal Gold and Imperial Royal Blue. This work of art, which takes the form of a ribbon expertly intertwined into a knot, is the result of the ingenuity and renowned creativity of Designer Raffaella Mangiarotti.

Designer Raffaella Mangiarotti

With her unique and creative vision, Designer Mangiarotti has embodied the fluidity, flexibility, and intrinsic harmony of the product, creating a perfect parallelism with the unique properties of Idro Royale.

This wonderful example of artwork, specially designed by Designer Mangiarotti and coated with the precious finishes created by Molteni Vernici, makes Idro Royale the ambassador of Molteni Vernici’s mood. This mood is based on the ability of Molteni Vernici's products to transform simple and poor materials into luxury products, turning them into jewels and works of art so precious that the treated objects become objects of desire.

"Idro Royale, one of Molteni's special paints, redefines excellence in design, combining innovation and sustainability."

Significant is the advertising campaign accompanying the press release: "Creations that become desires."

IDRO ROYALE Advertising Campaign

But Idro Royale is not just aesthetics and pure technology. Thanks to its particular technology, Idro Royale allows application with new and innovative techniques. The special application technique saw, in fact, Idro Royale directly adhere to the harmonic steel structure, spread with different colors that intertwine differently on the two sides (something not achievable with the normal galvanic or anodizing techniques on the market), before it was elegantly knotted. The final result is a visual masterpiece, where the shades of gold blend into blue, giving life to a kaleidoscope of nuances that change depending on the light.

Idro Royale represents a real revolution in the finishes sector. Completely water-formulated, eco-friendly, it is free of formaldehyde and has zero VOCs. Its unique formulation makes it easy to use, and thanks to its complete natural air drying, it is accessible to everyone, from industry industries to artisans not equipped with complex and Machiavellian equipment.

Idro Royale WINNER AWARD 2023

Advanced technology makes IDRO ROYALE suitable for a wide variety of uses and on many types of metals, offering versatile solutions for different sectors and uses, ideal not only for creating art sculptures. Idro Royale finds application in luxury furniture, prestigious retails, valuable furniture pieces, and also extends to the world of fashion and fashion.

With this award, Molteni Vernici confirms once again its position as a leader in the high-end finishes sector, combining innovation, aesthetics, and sustainability.

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