It is with pride and full satisfaction that Molteni Vernici participates in the forefront of the world premiere presentation of the restyling...

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October 2, 2014
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It is with pride and full satisfaction that Molteni Vernici participates in the forefront of the world premiere presentation of the restyling of the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Stealth, designed and created in close exclusive collaboration with the Fiat Style Center.

The embryonic project involved the color forecasting of many sectors of which Molteni Vernici is the prince, fashion, furniture, craftsmanship and the most advanced stylist, through which was developed a vehicle with a purely military character equipped with a series of high-performance finishes custom built as a high fashion dress for the big and only show car world event by Jeep.

– At the 2014 Mondial de l'Automobile, the Automobile Exhibition par excellence that opens its doors every year in Paris, Molteni Vernici presents to the world public all its extraordinary industrial creativity and its style based on the purest Made in Italy during an occasion of incredible prestige and international value, bringing to light the collaboration with the Fiat Style Center and the revisiting of a great classic belonging to the automotive industry: the legendary Jeep Wrangler. For the first time, in fact, the latest technology developed by the Molteni Vernici Staff was used to completely cover a motor vehicle that was purely off-road and aggressive, both internally and externally on the whole body shell, using in particular three of the numerous flagship products of the Molteni Vernici collections: the materic effect Steel Iron Peltrox, the varnish Black Porcelain and the Series Concrete +, all coated with specific protective nanoceramics with high chemical-physical resistance to scratching, atmospheric agents, extreme uses off road, usury and corrosion.

Characterized by an extreme preparation and ideally dedicated to the most demanding off road enthusiasts, the car (exposed in Iron Peltrox livery with a materic varnish with an an oxidized effect and Vintage style leather interior) is equipped with off road bumpers, flat mudguards, rock rails in opaque black Porcelain, raising kit, 37 "tires on black rims and concrete effect, all completely covered by the all Italian unfailing style and elegance studied and created exclusively by the Molteni Vernici Staff; in short, an aesthetic configuration that is absolutely unique and out of the ordinary.

The feedback was among the most positive in the international press for the new oxidized effect materic finishing, which belongs to the extraordinary series of materic effects and is called Steel Iron Peltrox, a finishing with extraordinary tactile and visual effect that knows how to coat and confer a unique, decisive, poetic, raw and exclusive character to the new Jeep concept, which in this way attacks with its majesty and elegance any type of terrain and rough landscape around itself.

The project's mood is inspired by a craftsmanship of a valuable and ancient material such as pewter, which has its roots in the tradition of Italian Etruscan culture. The processing of pewter has in fact accompanied the progress of civilization; over time it has enriched its technological contents, but has never lost its peculiarity. Yesterday as today is the human hand to outline the shapes and to weld the parts, to shape the volumes and to minutely detail the details; yesterday as today is the manual dexterity to give an added value to objects created for a function, but also wanted for the charm of a simple exteriority. The perfection of technique, the speed of the process, combined with a manual skill that ensures constant standards of decorous craftsmanship that often touches perfection, reaching levels of absolute artistic value.

These are the main cornerstones that have guided the team of CRS Molteni Vernici professionals to the creation of the new special finishing, a finishing that recalls the beauty and elegance of antique iron and that can bring at a single glance that Italian style of the ancient craftsmanship of the Bel Paese, combined with the most advanced technology of the parent company of the American vehicle.

The ambitious project of CRS Molteni Vernici in collaboration with the Fiat Group has gone even further, on the one hand through the application of the Absolute Black Porcelain effect on the spokes, on the front grille and on most of the external accessories of the bodywork of the Jeep Wrangler, and on the other through the use of the highly revolutionary character of the Series Concrete +, the series of finishings Molteni Vernici able to reproduce the material, tactile and visual effect of the real natural cement, applied on the profiles of the circles, on the logo and on the interior accessories of the Jeep vehicle.

In short, a winning union for a spectacular result, achieved thanks to the fruitful collaboration between the Fiat Style Center and the CRS Molteni Vernici; a collaboration between the most advanced technology in the automotive field and the ancient tradition of Italian craftsmanship, converted into a new chemical nanotechnology and new and concrete finishes with an extraordinary tactile and visual appearance.





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