The new collection of paints with special effects is called

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December 14, 2016
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A new presentation with an international echo has interested once again Molteni Vernici, an always avant-garde Brand with a particular focus on the creation and development of new nanoceramic technologies of new generation thought and created for the world of architecture, design and contract, finding more and more consents from the most exigent client.

The new collection of paints with special effects is called Never Flat, a name which reflects in the most faithful way the range of all finishings with a metal effect which difference themselves in a huge way from all those metallic variations sold on the international market, both from the chemical and from the qualitative point of view.
As a matter of fact, all finishings belonging to the new series Never Flat are completely free from that pointed surface that is typical of the metallic products and difference themselves from the other ranges of paints with a special effect for characteristics such as high brightness, total coverage and complete absence of points on the treated surface, characteristics that are able to transform the new series into a real utopia for the most exclusive Brands and Architects at an international level.

Apt to be applied on every kind of support made on metal, plastic and wood through the employment of the specific primer of adhesion, the finishings Never Flat can be applied both in a horizontal and in a vertical way, and find their most important employment above all in the field of interior design, outdoor design, contract and retail, with particular and exclusive applications on boiserie, handles, bathroom furniture, stairs, outlines, structures, panels and accessories.

Characterized from a deep aesthetic beauty and an exceptional brightness which find no equals in the world of the paints' production, the finishings belonging to the new collection are destined to be used for great architectural projects, where the dress of the support is able to make the support itself greater, like a real design finishing does.

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