NEVER® WOOD Water-based Metallic Finishes

The natural elegance of the new NEVER® WOOD collection by Molteni Vernici revolutionizes the world of special paints.

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June 6, 2023
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Molteni Vernici, a leader in the field of special paints, proudly presents the new collection NEVER® WOOD metallic effects. This exceptional line of metallic paints combines the elegance and authenticity of nature with the durability and versatility of modern solutions.
NEVER® WOOD collection offers a wide range of metallic finishing options for open-pore wood surfaces, allowing you to create unique and sophisticated environments.

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A touch of natural magic

NEVER® WOOD collection by Molteni Vernici draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of nature. The special paints in this collection give wooden surfaces a luminous, authentic, and natural metallic appearance, adding a touch of magic. Thanks to the innovative technology employed by Molteni Vernici, it is now possible to achieve various metallic finishes that faithfully reproduce natural wood, but with superior durability and longevity.

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NEVER® WOOD: Water-based Metallic Essence for Wood

Limitless versatility and creativity

NEVER® WOOD collection by Molteni Vernici offers a wide range of high-luminosity metallic options to meet every design need. Whether you are looking for a classic and rich gold metallic effect for a traditional setting or a light and radiant finish for a modern style, this collection has everything you need. The special paints from the NEVER® WOOD line allow you to create metallic surfaces on open-pore wood, which stand out for their elegance and originality, giving life to unique and customized projects.

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Uncompromising durability and resistance

In addition to its high-level aesthetics, the special paints from the NEVER® WOOD collection by Molteni Vernici offer exceptional durability and resistance. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing process and their water-based formulation, these paints are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, scratches, and stains, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Moreover, the maintenance of surfaces treated with NEVER® WOOD paints is simple and quick, allowing you to preserve their impeccable appearance for many years to come.

Reduced environmental impact

Molteni Vernici is committed to environmental protection and strives to minimize the impact of its activities on nature. The NEVER® WOOD collection reflects this commitment, with special water-based paints that minimize the use of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, Molteni Vernici adopts sustainable practices in the production process, ensuring environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

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