Exclusive launch of Anti-Touch™ finishing kits on our e-commerce platform. Protect and enhance your metal surfaces with special paints.

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March 12, 2024
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We are excited to announce the launch of our innovative Anti-Touch™ finishing kits on our e-commerce platform, a true revolution for metal surfaces. These products, available in extra glossy, semi-matte, and matte versions, are designed to offer unparalleled aesthetics and exceptional durability, thanks to our special anti-finger and anti-touch paints.

ANTI-TOUCH™ for Stainless Steel and Metals

The Anti-Touch™ is the flagship of our offering, a specific high-resistance, extra-glossy 2k bicomponent transparent cycle for steel, stainless steel, chrome, polished brass, bronze, gold, polished nickel, black nickel, and metal finishes in general. Designed to resist wear, scratching, thermal shocks, salt fog, and chemicals, Anti-Touch™ is the ideal solution to eliminate the "defect" of fingerprints or dirt on shiny stainless steel or noble metal surfaces, widely used both outdoors and indoors.

ANTI TOUCH™ by Molteni Vernici
Revolutionize your metal surfaces with the new Anti-Touch™ finishing kits, available in Matt, Semi-Matt, and Extra Glossy versions.

Thanks to the long and expert tradition of Molteni Vernici, one of the largest galvanic companies in Italy, Anti-Touch™ 2020 is born: a new series of products based on high-technology ceramic nanotechnology with anti-finger and anti-imprint capabilities, perfect for all metallic and electrogalvanic supports.

Available in glossy (100 gloss), semi-matte (30 gloss), and matte (20 gloss) versions, these transparent protectives guarantee an extremely hard surface, resistant to scratching, wear, chemicals, thermal shocks, and aging.

The Anti-Touch™ finishing kits offer a complete and versatile solution for the protection and aesthetics of your metal surfaces, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Visit our e-commerce platform to learn more about these innovative products and revolutionize your surfaces with Molteni Vernici's special, anti-finger, and anti-touch paints.

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