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The Laboratory Molteni Vernici has created DENIM DRIFT, a new finishing developed in exclusive to celebrate the connection between design and technological innovation, which is the result of the collaboration among the most important fashion designers and producers of industrial design working internationally, who have developed all those knowledges acquired through the years in the field of fashion and modern architecture and have the power to dictate the future trends belonging to the international market, concerning in particular the world of design.

An important finishing created and developed in order to show the future of the denim world, from the new trends in the field of design to the innovation of raw materials, from the environmental sustainability to the purest craftsman tradition.

– Its name already tells a part of the history. The coloration has been selected from ax expert and professional team, who operates thanks to its knowledges in several fields, from fashion to design and architecture, and represents a shade which comes closer to the classical denim coloration used in the production of jeans, which is able more than any other piece of clothes to dictate all outfits belonging to the most followed and imitated influencer worldwide. Finally, a color characterized from grey-blue, toned down and strong shades, able to combine elegance and rigor by using warm tones.

So, we can surely expect to find the new finishing Denim Drift created from Molteni Vernici inside every catalogue and home during the next months. As a matter of fact, this kind of coloration can be applied in several ways, starting from the coverings of the home living and for the world of kitchens to furniture complements, until arriving to lighting and small objects.

Finally, the new finishing Denim Drift developed from the CRS Molteni Vernici will totally dominate all collections, catalogs and showrooms belonging to the most important Companies and Brands operating both at a national and an international level, and it will be a great trend for the next year.

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