Molteni Vernici launches its new e-commerce for special paints, special finishes, and special effects. Discover our historical collections.

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May 23, 2024
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Molteni Vernici launches the new e-commerce: making design even simpler

Molteni Vernici is proud to announce the launch of its new e-commerce, an innovative portal designed to make purchasing special paints, special finishes, and special effects faster and easier than ever. This new site not only simplifies the selection and purchasing process but also introduces our historical collections available in kit form, perfect for designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts who want to add a touch of class and professionalism to their projects.

Materico Corten Finish Kit Online

Intuitive Navigation and Unprecedented Speed

The new Molteni Vernici e-commerce has been designed with an intuitive and modern user interface, aimed at providing an optimal shopping experience. The site's structure has been simplified to ensure that customers can quickly find the special paint products they are looking for, navigate through different categories of special finishes and special effects, and access detailed information about each product with ease. Thanks to new advanced search technology, customers can filter results by product type, color, finish, and other specific features, ensuring a precise and fast search.

Carbonized Wood Finish Kit Online

An Expanded Catalog with Historical Collections in Kit Form

One of the most exciting novelties of our e-commerce is the introduction of our historical collections in kit form. These kits have been specifically designed to provide everything needed to create high-quality design projects, combining Molteni Vernici's iconic products with detailed instructions and essential tools. The historical collections available in kits include the lines of special paints that have made our brand famous over the years, offering the possibility to recreate classic looks with ease and precision.

Chrome Mirror Finish Kit Online
"Design made easier with Molteni Vernici: special paints and finishes at your fingertips."

Ease of Use for Professionals and Enthusiasts

Molteni Vernici has always cared about the needs of design professionals and the most demanding customers. With the new e-commerce, we wanted to make purchasing our special paints, special finishes, and special effects even more accessible and convenient for everyone. Whether it's architects looking for high-quality finishes for their projects or DIY enthusiasts wanting to improve their skills, our site offers a wide range of solutions suitable for every need.

Chinese Lacquer Kit Online

Dedicated Customer Support

The new Molteni Vernici e-commerce not only makes purchasing easier and faster but also offers top-notch customer support. Our team of experts is always available to answer questions, provide personalized consultations, and assist customers at every stage of their project. Additionally, the site includes a FAQ section and detailed guides to help customers make the most of our special paints, special finishes, and special effects.

Coquille d'Oeuf Finish Kit Online

The launch of Molteni Vernici's new e-commerce marks an important step in our commitment to making high-quality design accessible to everyone. With a modern user interface, fast and intuitive navigation, and the introduction of historical collections in kit form, designing has never been so easy. We invite all our customers, old and new, to visit our site and discover how Molteni Vernici can transform their projects into works of art.

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