Captured in that moment in which the idea comes to life, in which the human mind burns up with a creative passion in order to create...

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April 18, 2016
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Catalogue new series scratched steel.

Captured in that instant in which the idea comes to life, in which the human mind lights up from those creative passion which is able to create the Beauty, able to make the difference inside the millions of innovative projects and ideas.

It's just in that exact moment in which our mind is looking for the deepest inspiration that revolutions come to life. A series created from the industrial style inspired from the jewelry art, which is able to reproduce the more extreme luxury in its single shade.

Never Circle, created to astonish.

The new series with a scratched steel effect has been called "Never Circle" and it's characterized from a non-uniform and imperceptible scratched effect, extremely bright and soft to the touch.

The effect can be realized through a specific cycle of painting (on MDF panels, melamine paper, aluminum, iron, zama), which combines the employment of the traditional acrylic, polyurethane and polyester primers for wood already used throughout all Companies or directly on metals thanks to the finishings with a scratched steel effect belonging to the series Never Circle.

The light scratched effect of the surface represents an essential detail able to give the support a more natural aspect of the real steel and, underlined from the light's reflection, it creates movements and shades.

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