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PREVIEW OF THE SALONE DEL MOBILE 2014: The new finishing PowerMetal® brass worked with acid with Takemakite® has been presented on a wooden door profile.

8000 years ago, man learned to melt copper and the metal age began. 5000 years ago, man learned to make alloys and began the Bronze Age. Today, Molteni Vernici, melts the resins giving life to the new era of metals and cold alloys, called POWERMETAL.

The beauty of a cold brass coating worked with acid with takemakite on carved wood to create an elegant and rich decoration is the correct description of the creation made by Molteni Vernici.

The main finishing of this creation is the most innovative and revolutionary product created by Molteni Vernici's CRS during the last year: POWERMETAL, a real coat of pure metal.

Indeed, POWERMETAL is not a classic metallic paint or an electrolytic plating, but a cold metallization process that is able to realize metal finishings with a completely sprayed application that allow the replacement of the metal sheets in Folding and the coating of new complex and amorphous shapes that could never be thought at the level of engineering until now. POWERMETAL is a real paint that can be applied by spraying, rolled, applied by hand, or poured with traditional equipment on a wide variety of supports.

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