Molteni Vernici is proud to present to the world of architecture, design and contract which operate both at a national and an international level...

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May 8, 2017
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Molteni Vernici is proud to present to the world of architecture, design and contract which operate both at a national and an international level an extremely important industrial result, the certification MED Marine Equipment Directive of those products created and developed from the Laboratory of Research&Development Molteni Vernici, and their consequent industrial application with no limits above all in the marine field.

A result reached after several years of scientific tests carried on from the best technicians operating nationally, a result which consolidates once again the well-known perfection and the great quality of the creations signed by Molteni Vernici.

– After several years of studies and scientific tests, Molteni Vernici presents with extreme proud the certifications MED signed from the Registro Italiano Navale RINA, the Italian prestigious institute which develops and offers services of marine classification, conformity verifies, inspection and testing, which certify the full conformity of the finishings with a metal effect Never against the propagation of flames on different kind of material, with consequent planning and architectural developments at a worldwide level.

A cycle which has been carefully studied and calibrated and which gives, through its application by spraying, an incredible brightness to the treated support, by guaranteeing the full conformity to all the strict IMO laboratory tests provided for MED.

A cycle which can be applied on every kind of material for marine furnishings, with employments also in the field of airport, contract, retail and hospitality, without showing any chemical and physical variations of tone, brightness and color intensity through time.

In the marine construction field, the IMO laws are the official reference for all types of marine equipment, which must agree with the certifications MED, Marine Equipment Directive.

The Directive EU about the marine equipment (96/98/CE) has become effective from 1st January 1999 and has been recently modified from the Directive 2009/26/CE of the Commission (5th Amendment, obligatory from 6th April 2010).

The Directive MED is constituted from the certification of some marine equipments and defines the basis for manufacturers and products.

This evaluation procedure of conformity is applied to the project phase and to the production one.

The Directive is applied to those equipments manufactured from 1st January 1999 and installed on a new or existing boat carrying a flag which belongs to a Norwegian or Icelandic or EU country (EFTA countries).

The main purpose of the Directive concerning the marine equipment MED is:

- To improve the safety on board and prevent the pollution of the seas though the uniform application of international instruments (IMO Conventions, Resolutions, Circulars and international standard documents of verify) about the equipments;

- To guarantee the free circulation of all equipments inside the European Economic Area (EEA), which is constituted from the EU and EFTA Members.

The system NEVER produced and distributed from Molteni Vernici has successfully passed all tests of the IMO protocol, with the creation of the specific certificate no. MED018717CS

Used from the most famous Brands of architecture and design operating at a worldwide level, the series of finishings with a metal effect Never is constituted from three different families with three different aesthetic results: the metal perfection embodied from the series Never Flat, the strict working process of the series Never Brushed and the new metal scratching effect belonging to the series Never Circle.

Finally, the new frontier of the chemical and physical revolution all around the globe has only one name: Molteni Vernici.

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