Molteni Vernici is proud to present exclusively to the world of architecture, design and contract the new catalog of the series...

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May 7, 2014
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Molteni Vernici is proud to present exclusively to the world of architecture, design and contract the new catalog of the series NK™Solid Surfaces, the new line of paints inspired by traditional solid surfaces and created on the basis of careful and decisive studies in the field of the most advanced structural nanotechnology.

The NK™Solid Surfaces finishings, made by CRS Molteni Vernici, quietly tell the story of a refined design without using a single drop of ink. The finishings, light and airy, tell the story through technological elements, which recall the idea for which luxury cannot be seen but we know that it is here.

– NK™Solid Surfaces, silent design. As an antidote to our frenetic, ultra-stimulated and perennially connected existence, we begin to capture a silent revolution, a revolution called NK™Solid Surfaces. Designers encourage us to switch off, to come into contact with our physical environment (with tangible and concrete objects rather than digital and remote ones) and to nourish our senses to find tranquility in the midst of chaos.

These finishings have an ephemeral effect that mysteriously attracts people into the product by involving them through the sense of touch.

NK™Solid Surfaces is an extremely innovative product and is considered a real revolution in the field of industry, contract and design, as it has very high levels of physical, chemical and structural resistance thanks to a long and deep research in the field of new nanotechnology that could never be thought up to now at an engineering level.

The new series of special finishes NK™Solid Surfaces is applied by pneumatic or electrostatic spraying on any surface, whether in metal, plastic or wood, giving the support an ultra-matt, scratch-resistant appearance; in fact, thanks to the use of new nanostructured resins, the surface can be regenerated simply by using an abrasive sponge or a thermal source in the case of an engraving scratch.

The revolution has begun, come and become part of it.

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