Molteni Vernici is proud to present to all its customers and to the world of fashion, architecture and design the new and innovative...

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September 22, 2014
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Molteni Vernici is proud to present to all its customers and to the world of fashion, architecture and design the new and innovative lamp created in collaboration with the young designer Luca Pelucchi.

MEMO, this is the name of the lamp, was in fact created by the young Italian designer inspired by the theme of memory; however, the use of the incredible M-Thermic finishing, designed and created specifically by the Molteni Vernici Research and Development Center, has allowed this new design object to become a real success both nationally and internationally.

– M-Thermic is in fact an innovative series of heat-sensitive paints that can be applied directly on a variety of surfaces, including steel, iron, zamak, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastic polymers (such as nylon, ABS, PA-6 , polycarbonate, rigid polyurethane, acetate, pei, propianate), MDF, multilayer, laminate and wood, and which is distinguished by a particular process that involves the deposition, through a process of traditional application with spray gun, of an enzyme with a colored pigment, that when reaches the temperature of 30°C or 60°C it reacts becoming transparent letting the color or base texture leak.

And it is in this way that the initial idea, the laboratory creation, the finishing has found its dress and has become a tangible object, giving life to the lamp MEMO, a lamp that, precisely because it is treated with thermochromics paints of the last generation, allows the buyer to be able to put inside an object that is sentimentally close to him and to reveal it gradually when the lamp is turned on.

Thanks to the M-Thermic finishing, this process is gradual and can be reversed indefinitely. For this reason, any support treated with the M-Thermic series of finishings will always have a unique and different appearance in relation to the surrounding environment, the chemical-structural conditions in which it is located and the physical states of those who come across it. In the case, for example, of temperature increases due to the contact with a part of the human body or a contact with an artificial or natural heat source, the support will change color in the points of contact with these sources.

The products of the exclusive M-Thermic series find uses both in interior contexts, such as switches, lighting, handles, chairs, furniture, home accessories, doors, tables, furnishing accessories, that from outdoor as structures, urban furniture, retail, public spaces, hospitality (if protected with the appropriate protective cycle for outdoor use).

All the Molteni Vernici Staff would like to thank the young designer Luca Pelucchi and the New Academy of Fine Arts NABA of Milan for their fruitful collaboration and for believing in the exclusivity and innovation of Made in Italy products created exclusively by CRS Molteni Vernici.

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