Cantù Wood Festival - Molteni Vernici is a real protagonist with the work by Sebastiano Pelli ANTIMATTER STONE

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October 28, 2022
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Article by Christian Galimberti THE PROVINCE OF COMO

The Wood Festival celebrates ten years "Yesterday, today and tomorrow" returns to Cantù.
The exhibition opens on 11th November at the former Sant'Ambrogio and ends on 20th Novermber at Enaip.
The Deputy Mayor: «An open city that starts from the past and looks to the future». Evidence of a widespread museum.

The symbol is "Antimatter Stone". Pelli's installation in the square.


Made with corten steel, it was exhibited at the 79th Venice International Film Festival from Lido di Venezia to Cantù, for an environment-themed installation. Antimatter_Stone will be the work of art that, this year, for the 2022 Wood Festival, will stand out in the middle of Piazza Garibaldi.
The sense of the work made by the artist Sebastiano Pelli, with scrap steel, with the appearance of a large "stone", covered by the Canturina company Molteni Vernici, it was exhibited at the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

It will remind everyone, even in Cantù, of the climate emergency.

The symbol is "Antimatter Stone", Pelli's installation in the square.

Inside: plastic waste.

«Matter is transformed into antimatter, a" stone" that contains waste, meets it, collides with it and annihilates it produces energy. The theme of the environment is not a threat from which we can no longer escape, so Antimatter_Stone is configured as a work of denunciation: by hiding, I bring the problem to light - says Sebastiano Pelli, artist and creator of the project - It is 2.70 meters high, irregular shape , square perimeter of one meter and 20 ".
The meaning: the environmental legacy that we will leave to children and teenagers.
In fact, there are also three different in-depth meetings on the environment with the Cardinal Ferrari schools, the Melotti high school and Enaip Cantù.

Flash mob, then, set at 12 o'clock on Saturday 12th November, in Piazza Garibaldi.

To which everyone is called to participate.

"We will ask you to bring a waste or a significant object to leave: a symbol to be able to continue towards a new world," says Pelli.

Article by Christian Galimberti THE PROVINCE OF COMO

Press Conference @ Wood Festival with Sebastiano Pelli and his work ANTIMATTER STONE
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