The German international design magazine Möbelfertigung returns to talk about Molteni Vernici and its participation at the Salone...

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October 23, 2014
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The German international design magazine Möbelfertigung returns to talk about Molteni Vernici and its participation at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014, which this year more than ever has reached and even exceeded all previously established records; and it does so by enhancing the industrial creativity and the revolutionary imprint that the unique and exclusive design conceived by the Staff Molteni Vernici can give to any support, which is created and is exclusively designed to give unique emotions to those who observe it and use it in everyday life.

– A new example of this is the new chair presented by Diesel, on the occasion of the 53rd edition of the architecture and design fair, which has once again been confirmed as one of the most important and internationally recognized trade fairs in the international furniture. Nizza, this is the name created for the chair of the famous Brand, a chair that represents the latest version of the classic French-bistrot chair with minimal and essential shapes, made entirely with Molteni Vernici products.

The disarming beauty and visual originality of the design object in question immediately strikes the eye, above all thanks to the use of the particular finishings designed exclusively by the Molteni Vernici Staff to cover the external structure: incredible are the materic nuances created by the Tiffany finishing that covers the back of the chair, and the effect of the nude copper that covers the body and that is part of the new Powermetal Liquid Metal Series.

The spectacular materic effect Tiffany is part of the collection of the Acidature Materiche Collection, a collection capable of revisiting the past and project it towards the design of the future, a collection that perfectly imitates the matericity of all the natural elements that surround us, a matericity that walks on its own and that decides on its own when to stop; in short, finishings in imitation of the oxidized metals that are able to make an object so simple and commonly used as a chair unique.

A Chair that not only has the backrest but also a splendid body, which has been covered with one of the most exclusive products of the Molteni Vernici Collection: the Powermetal Liquid Metal series. Not a classic metallic paint or an electrolytic plating, but a cold metalization process that allows to create extraordinary finishings with the effect of pure metal, completely sprayed and on any type of material; a real revolution in the field of architecture, design and contract, as it allows to overcome the traditional problems of application and workability of the product and the coating of new complex and amorphous shapes that never at the level of engineering could be thought up now.

In short, a chair made of aluminum and then completely transformed with a few simple steps into a contemporary work of art, in which the matericity of the Tiffany finishing is able to blend in harmony with pure cast copper to completely cover the soul.

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