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May 29, 2020
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Finishings with a contemporary allure and a great effect: Molteni Vernici wears architecture and design with innovative (and eco-friendly) materials, with a strong aesthetic value.

Eco-design. Aesthetic research. Technological innovation. Keeping in mind avant-garde solutions to face post Covid-19 era, which will require new strategies in order to make the environment we live in a healthier and safer place. A response towards these necessities of the near future comes from a brand which since 1948 handles with precious architectural finishings by realizing special varnishes for furniture complements: «We have always worked with creative artists: the attention towards details characterizes our projects, as in the best tradition of Made in Italy design»,states Roberto Molteni, AD of the company settled in Cantù, in the real heart of the furniture district, that today is working on innovative finishings by combining environmental sustainability and technological research. Awarded among the “Lombard design Excellences”, the company has increased its horizons with the opening of a new showroom in London, inaugurated in January 2020.

Which projects are you working on and with what purposes?

«Luxury and technology for everyone. The main purpose is to allow the users –and not only the companies – to access the special paints’ and the luxury coating’s market. In this way we have created access in virtual mode to our prototyping studies (with 4k experiences) and multilingual tutorials for single applications. All followed by our technicians».

How much does digitalization count today?

«E-commerce represents the tool to consolidate our own presence on the market throughout a specific project looking towards the future. Renewed in the graphics, Molteni Vernici website has a responsive and user-friendly structure, apt for every device. The navigation is simple and intuitive, with the possibility of specific researches, to easy access contents and interact with social media».

Any anticipation about the products for Salone del Mobile?

«From the research coming from Molteni Vernici Laboratories, the first series of antimicrobial paints was born: ANTIMICROBICAL™ PROTECTIVE. A revolution in the world of chemistry applied onto paints, these products make all surfaces repellent against bacteria, mold, harmful microorganisms, making the environment around us healthy and clean».

How does the product work?

«The antimicrobial action is immediate and permanent thanks to a Molteni Vernici patent. All products ANTIMICROBICAL™ PROTECTIVE are available in the anti-oxide and anti-touch top coats, polished, matt, metallic varnishes, both solvent- and water-based. This collection allows to protect every surface. In fact, it lends itself to many different uses: from contract to interior, passing through retails and hospitality. It can be applied, for example, to chairs, handles, sofas, taps, switches; but also to indoor and outdoor facilities».

Other news? What value are you giving to environmental sustainability?

«We developed an all green finishing, which leitmotiv is RE-GENERATION, formulated with eco-friendly raw materials, generated by refining processes of"waste" vegetable substances. The keywords are environmental friendliness and innovation. With WAKEUP, in fact, the waste from the coffee industry is chemically combined to create a cutting-edge finish: ready to dress metal, plastic, wood supports».

What is the distinctive feature of the 2020 collections?

"We could summarize it in the motto "Be Ready For Luxury", but with a keen eye on environmental friendliness and people's health. Because the biggest challenge is also played in respect for the planet, for a better future».

How do you expect the restart now?

«We must be optimistic, in short “think positive”! We also launched the "Discovery & Delivery" service, which is a virtual visit to our prototyping studios through the use of 4K technology. A specialized technician will accompany you in the Molteni Vernici world, advising you in choosing the ideal finish for your project. Finish that you will receive at home to be able to evaluate it live".

«Craftsmanship, technology, skills at the customer's service. Our services are tailor-made: we accompany the user from the design phase to the industrialization phase".
Molteni on AD (Architectural Digest)
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