A world-wide presentation event that has gathered around itself Artists, Designers, Architects and Brand recognized both...

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January 9, 2015
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A world-wide presentation event that has gathered around itself Artists, Designers, Architects and Brand recognized both nationally and internationally; an event that has been able to transform in a few moments into an evening full of style and fashion born in the indelible mark of the purest Made in Italy; an event of exclusive design and art, of the most sought-after luxury and fashion, which has been able to fully realize itself through the visual and tactile art of rich and innovative materials, which have been able to find an exclusive application in the vanguard on the most varied series of latest generation supports.

The paints and special finishes developed and created exclusively by the Staff of Molteni Vernici have proven to be the true and undisputed protagonists of the great design evening, finding their full realization both chemistry and physics on metallic and plastic materials used in various fields of application and collecting an immense and undisputed success among the international public.

Special and innovative paints that reproduce the most exclusive and refined luxury of bronze tones and elegant shades of copper, materic finishings that can "draw themselves” and give a unique and special touch to common production pieces, such as tanks, frames, shells, engines and bodywork; finishings that can transform flat and anonymous surfaces into real, unique pieces of design and style, giving them that matericity and refinement that no one had ever thought of before at the engineering level.

All this has been possible thanks to the special finishes produced by CRS Molteni Vernici, in particular thanks to the use of products belonging to the line of the Materic Effects, to the strongest and most incisive colours of the Never Collection and to the finishings of the Powermetal Series, the innovative series of liquid metals.

Once again, Molteni Vernici has proven to have the innate ability to put itself at the top of the most undisputed style, the most luxurious applications and the purest design, thanks to the continuous invention and evolution of new and exclusive forms of art.

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