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A real unprecedented revelation in the world of industry, architecture and contract, which has its roots in millenary studies carried out in the field of the most advanced chemistry and physics. A revolution that brings with it the imperceptible signs of living and of everyday life.

A revolution that will put an end to the many problems that have always been present in the world of furniture, shop fitting and mass production of big Brands, and linked to the constant cleaning and daily treatment that must be reserved for any type of industrial item or of design, of the most exclusive fashion or of everyday life.

The new revolution is called DUSTOF ™, the first and only anti-dust finishing, available both in the lacquered version and in the transparent version, which allows to protect any metallic, woody or plastic surface from the daily precipitation of dust and mites.

Thanks to its innovative chemical formulation and the use of electrical and conductive nanoparticles, DUSTOF ™ represents the future of opaque and transparent lacquered anti-dust finishings and the purest technology converted into a real concentrate of ions, whose strength and innovation the most exclusive are precisely to move away permanently and lastingly, like a true grounding, the enemy of any surface: the dust.

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