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Since it was created by the Company's Research and Development Center, after years of careful studies and research in the field of advanced chemistry and physics, it has never disappointed the expectations of the numerous Architects, Designers and Brands who have used it and that still use it to give life to their architectural utopias; it has been able to cover one of the Company's main roles in all these years, representing in its simplicity a veritable finishing in the vanguard, with developments that know how to fit perfectly both in industry and in mass production, and in the field of the most refined design and the most unique Made in Italy style; with its elegant brownish nuances and warm and enveloping shades, it has managed to enter the largest projects of Brand and Architects known both nationally and internationally, which by now can no longer do without the intrinsic matericity that this particular finishing succeeds in conferring with simplicity to any type of support, be it on metal, plastic or wood.

Precisely for this reason, the Smalto Materico ad Effetto Corten is praised with merit for its chemical-physical characteristics in the first pages of the Editoriale

Exceptional characteristics of resistance to usury, aging, chemical products for cleaning, food, thermal shock and salt corrosion; great ductility and possibility of application on any surface; infinite nuances and variations of the same colour that, according to the different degree of application, always acquire new and elegant shades, that are unrepeatable thanks to their uniqueness.

All this is the Smalto Materico ad Effetto Corten, produced exclusively by Molteni Vernici srl.

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