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Eurocucina 2016 the new finishings with a scratched steel effect, the new metallic series "Never Circle" for panels, complements...

Eurocucina 2016 the new finishings with a scratched steel effect, the new metal series "Never Circle" for panels and furniture complements.

After two years of attempt Eurocucina 2016 has opened its doors in Milan and Molteni Vernici has reconfirmed itself as the leader with powers of dictating trends and tastes.

Already in 2014 by collaborating with Ernestomeda and other important clients Molteni Vernici has brought to the buyers' eyes and to the public new and bright satined and metal finishings throughout all vertical structures with the series Never Brushed. This year it has reconfirmed itself as the most important supplier with more and more metal finishings with a retro taste, which are characterized from an aesthetic point of view, by bringing all the satined movements from vertical to circular "scratched steel effects", and from the point of view of the recalling of all noble metals.

– The new series with a scratched steel effect called "Never Circle" is characterized from a non-uniform and imperceptible scratched effect, that is extremely bright and soft. This particular effect can be realized through a specific cycle of painting (on MDF panels, melamine paper, aluminum, iron, zama), which combines the employment of the traditional acrylic, polyurethane and polyester primers for wood already used throughout all Companies or directly on metals through the finishings with a scratched steel effect of the series Never Circle.

The light scratched effect of the surface represents the essential detail able to give the support the most natural aspect of the real steel and, underlined from the light's reflection, it creates movements and shades.

Available in the colorations Copper, Bronze, Brass, Nickel, Rose Gold, Platinum, Manganese, Titanium and Lead.

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