Further than all solvents and thinners of the new MV range available from 1st February 2016, the change for Molteni Vernici passes through...

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April 1, 2016
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New Formaldehyde-Free Top Coats

Further than all solvents and thinners of the new range MV available from 1st February 2016, the change for Molteni Vernici passes also and above all through the brand-new series of formaldehyde-free top coats, the real heart and core business of the entire production of the Brand at a worldwide level.

As a matter of fact, after the recent presentation on the international market of the new line of thinners and solvents free from any aromatic hydrocarbon, Molteni Vernici is proud to present to its national and international client the new series of formaldehyde-free top coats, by proving to be once again the most important Brand concerning the safeguard of the final users' safety for all products sold on the market and the existence of a totally avant-garde Laboratory for the chemical and technological change which collaborates at a first level with the international norms in the REACH field.

– The new line of formaldehyde-free top coats presented in exclusive from Molteni Vernici, applicable with extra-performing and revolutionary results both for the world of architecture, design and contract, and for the the industrial series production, is totally in line with the last and most recent modifications developed from the European Parliament and the Council to the Enclosure XVII of the Regulation (CE) n. 1907/2006, regarding the registration, the evaluation, the authorization and the restriction of the chemical substances REACH inside mixtures.

Completely free from any substance which has been classified through the last amendment as a mutagen or carcinogenic substance, the new top coats created by Molteni Vernici of the series FF (which properly means formaldehyde-free) represent an essential instrument thought for all those Companies which want to use only the best products sold on the international market and to promote the real Made in Italy at a worldwide level.

With the introduction of the new line of formaldehyde-free top coats which are completely free from any residue trace of formaldehyde, all Companies and their RSPP won't be anymore obliged to redact a list of exposures in which to insert all those operators who use mutagen or carcinogenic substances, operation that would bring only useless and avoidable expenses.

Once again Molteni Vernici dictates the times of all scientific revolutions and legislative changes, by offering at the same time to its clients totally new and innovative products.

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