The new series of special paints by Molteni Vernici with a galvanic mirror effect.

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November 22, 2022
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“The world changes, and with it we have a duty to change too. The mission that we impose on ourselves every day, together with Molteni Vernici, is to grow and develop increasingly eco-friendly paints, which can add value to the environment around us".

All this is IDRO ROYALE, the new frontier of sustainable design.

The new totally eco-friendly IDRO ROYALE collection, signed by the Brand Molteni Vernici in collaboration with the new Art Director Ryan Mitchell, crosses the boundaries of the impossible. A design conceived and studied for the future, with the aim of reducing and gradually eliminating galvanic processes that involve the use of chemical substances which are dangerous to the health and the environment. A series also designed to drastically reduce the economic expenditure of companies in terms of energy used for industrial processes; in fact, thanks to the use of new technologies that allow a completely air cross-linking of the products, the new IDRO ROYALE series allows a considerable ENERGY SAVING as it is no longer necessary to use drying ovens.

A surprising, innovative, visionary series. A series of 1k one-component totally water-based finishes, formaldehyde-free and with low VOC, which work in direct adhesion on any metal surface (including stainless steel and excluding iron) with the incredible ability to reproduce galvanic effects with very high brightness and brilliance, thanks to a new chemical patent specifically designed by Molteni Vernici CRS. The great brilliance and depth that derives from the use of noble metals gives rise to a surprising aesthetic result, with a mirrored effect as if it were a real industrial galvanic.

All this is possible thanks to the use of Molteni Vernici branded paints, which can be applied by spraying, in any color and shade.

A cornerstone for the future, but also a color trend capable of dictating trends in the field of Architecture, Design and Contract for the coming years. All of this is IDRO ROYALE.

“What we have tried to create, together with Molteni Vernici CRS, is a new collection of liquid finishes able to offer Architects and Designers something new and totally fascinating from an applicative point of view; in fact, with a single coat of paint it is possible to obtain perfectly mirrored surfaces comparable to actual galvanic, without however continuing to use those substances which are harmful to the environment. I hadn't seen anything like it before in my life." These are the words of Ryan Mitchell, the new Art Director of Molteni Vernici.

Under his guidance and his unmistakable aesthetic taste, 12 new nuances have been developed and included in the most exclusive collection of Design and Architecture. In addition to the classic tones of gold in all its nuances, new colors such as Nikel Rose and Cromo Blu have been presented exclusively to obtain extraordinary mirrored effects from all points of view, with the aim of obtaining color combinations ever more captivating, and new design possibilities.

Discover the new IDRO ROYALE Mirror version collection, to be amazed with a new eco-friendly way of designing.

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