In an exclusive article by "La Provincia," the winning strategy of Molteni Vernici is revealed: a constant commitment to innovation and training.


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March 1, 2024
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"La Provincia" recently highlighted the revolutionary approach of Molteni Vernici, a leading company in the field of special paints and design finishes. Founded in 1948, Molteni Vernici has transformed the market with its dedication to innovation and training, as highlighted in the article by Maria Grazia Gispi.

Molteni Vernici HQ

Roberto Molteni, CEO of the company, shared with "La Provincia" the vision that guides the enterprise: creating a training "ecosystem" that not only develops internal skills but also extends its knowledge to professionals in the sector. This commitment is reflected in the extraordinary results achieved, with constant growth testifying to the effectiveness of their strategy.

Molteni Vernici Lab

Continuous Innovation

Molteni Vernici's special effect paints represent the pinnacle of innovation. With over 200,000 paints in the range and 900,000 different colorations, the company offers unparalleled diversity, ensuring custom solutions for any design need. The almost total availability of products in stock (99%) and recognition through over 30 international awards demonstrate their commitment to excellence and reliability.

Training as a Pillar

Molteni Vernici's internal Academy is a real "bridge" between innovation and practical application. Through specialized training offerings, the company promotes professional updating in the field of architecture and design, emphasizing the importance of constant skill updating. This not only to keep up with new trends but to anticipate them, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of a continually evolving global market.

A Bright Future

Looking to the future, Molteni Vernici anticipates further improvement in its performance, with an estimated growth of 3.8% for 2024. These numbers, despite a complex economic context, reflect the solidity and resilience of the company, ready to navigate future challenges with the same determination and vision that have made it a benchmark in the field of special paints and design finishes.

Molteni Vernici Moodboard

The article from "La Provincia" not only sheds light on a successful company but tells the story of how innovation, coupled with a solid training program, can create leading business realities capable of influencing the market on a global level.

Molteni Vernici continues to demonstrate that special paints and design finishes are not just details but key elements to define the spaces in which we live and work, bringing beauty and functionality to a new level.

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Investing in Training. "Created an Ecosystem that Develops the Company"

The Case. The strategy of Molteni Vernici to develop skills
"Alongside product quality, the importance of service has grown"

Article by Maria Grazia Gispi for "LA PROVINCIA"

"We have created a training 'ecosystem' composed of different initiatives both to innovate internal skills and to involve professionals collaborating with our company," says Roberto Molteni, CEO of Molteni Vernici - "in a constantly evolving world, where design and architecture always seek new expressive languages, for years we have invested not only in bringing products to excellence levels but also in a strong commitment to training and innovation. We have managed to create a set of courses that fuels internal professional growth and accompanies the development of advanced skills in the field, with special attention to inclusion and support for young women in the team." Thus, through the internal Academy, the Cantù-based company has created a "bridge" between its product innovations and the stakeholders of the design world.

The Results

Molteni Vernici, a company from Cantù that creates custom finishes for architects and designers on any material and for an international market, recorded a 7% growth in 2023, despite a difficult economic context. A positive trend that has been constant since 2018 with percentages between 10% and 15%. Looking at 2024, the estimates for Molteni Vernici are for a further increase of 3.8%, a more modest percentage compared to the previous year, but still a sign of strength and stability in a period of global slowdown.

The Story

The company was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Molteni as a galvanic enterprise and complementary resin production company. In '85, the second generation took over with Giacomo, who took over the client portfolio, abandoned the galvanic part, and started the first major innovation: he computer

ized the company and made sure that the product was completely traceable, from raw materials to delivery to the customer. In those years, the company made the transition from artisanal to industrial and moved to the Cantù area, where architects converged for the furniture companies. Today, the 3,000 square meter research and development center is completed by an art division space, an open house to meet clients.

"In the '80s, having a good product was enough, and it was sold, today the market is more competitive and differentiated: the product requires durability, technical resistance, aesthetic yield, and, fundamentally, service is required," continues Roberto Molteni - "in our Open house, we invite architects and companies to prototype their materials with our colors. The designer comes to us with his project, and we reason together on the finish, we work on it for as long as necessary, with any required modifications, until the definition of the color on materials and fabrics. Four finishes are developed that are the property of Molteni Vernici but reserved exclusively for that specific architecture studio."

Based on this expertise, the Cantù-based company has, over time, promoted ad hoc training on the most innovative products for professionals in the sector.

"In the world of architecture and design, updating professional skills is not only a necessity but also an opportunity to stand out," observes the owner - "training is a fundamental tool to stay ahead, allowing professionals to explore new creative and technical frontiers." As a leading company in the field of finishes and solutions for the world of architecture, design, and contract, the Molteni staff has understood this need and seized it by providing professionals in the sector with a specialized training program through the Academy, aimed at enriching their skills and promoting innovation in their projects. "The ability to quickly adapt to new trends, to experiment with innovative materials, and to apply advanced techniques is essential to meet the needs of a global market," concludes Roberto Molteni - "the professional training we offer fits into this framework as a valuable resource for professionals eager to expand their knowledge and experiment with new creative solutions."

Roberto Molteni, CEO Molteni Vernici

The Company's Numbers:


200,000 Paints in the range

900,000 Different colorations

99% Available in stock

30+ Awards


In 2023, it recorded a revenue growth of 7%, exceeding sector expectations despite a difficult economic context. A positive trend that has been constant since 2018 with percentages between 10% and 15%. Looking at 2024, the estimates for Molteni Vernici are for a further increase of 3.8%


The company was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Molteni as a galvanic enterprise and production of complementary resins. In '85, the second generation took over with Giacomo, who took over the client portfolio, abandoned the galvanic part, and started the computerization of processes.

Adi Design Index Awards with Idro Royale

With the Idro Royale series products, Molteni Vernici was awarded the Adi Design Index 2023, which nominates for the selection for the Compasso d'Oro 2024. It is the third Adi Design Index received by Molteni Vernici and adds to the XXVII Compasso d'Oro Honorable Mention received in 2022. In view of the selection for the Compasso d'Oro 2024, Idro Royale was applied to a harmonic steel sculpture designed and hand-modeled by designer Raffaella Mangiarotti.

Transferring Innovation Content to Collaborators

The Team Aims to Develop a Work Environment that Stimulates and Welcomes New Ideas

Complementary to the training services for architects and designers, Molteni Vernici has established the internal Academy: a training program designed to infuse the culture of innovation among team members.

The initiative was conceived with the goal of creating an environment where curiosity is encouraged, new ideas are welcomed, and experimentation is the norm. In this context, the team members of Molteni Vernici are encouraged to push beyond conventional boundaries, exploring cutting-edge technologies and developing innovative solutions that can significantly improve the quality and performance of the products offered.

The Academy functions as an idea laboratory, a space where creativity is articulated through technology and where theories become practice.

"This stimulating environment is designed to professionally grow the staff, offering them the resources and support necessary to transform innovative ideas into tangible realities," says the company owner, Roberto Molteni - "through a well-structured program that includes workshops, seminars, and practical sessions, the Academy aims to refine the technical skills of the participants and expand their understanding of the latest trends and technologies in the sector." Innovation and research are the pillars on which the Academy is founded. Through a holistic approach to training, the Academy aims to equip team members with a future-oriented mindset, capable not only of adapting to market changes but also of anticipating them.

"Encouraging experimentation and critical thinking is fundamental in this process, allowing participants to explore new horizons without fear of failure. This freedom of exploration is crucial for technological progress and for the development of products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations," concludes Molteni - "indeed, the impact of the Academy on the company goes well beyond individual training. The professional growth of the staff directly translates into an improvement in the quality and performance of the products, ensuring a production always at the forefront in its sector and contributing significantly to the overall success of the company."

The training program has served as an idea incubator, leading to the creation of products and solutions that have left a mark in the reference sector.

One of the most striking examples of this impact materialized in 2022, with the victory of the XXVII Compasso d'oro honorable mention thanks to the Wakeup product, made by reusing waste from the coffee industry and becoming a symbol of the company's commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, opening new paths for the creative use of industrial by-products. The following year, in 2023, thanks to the Academy, the company received the Lombardy excellence in design award.

Finally, the Adi Design Index marked another significant moment for the Academy, with the nomination of the Idro Royale product for the Compasso d'Oro 2024.

Molteni Vernici Team

Color Culture in Academy. Here, Projects Take on Tone

The Offer. Chromotherapy at the Center of the Company's Service Offering
A "material library" with materials and finishes available to professionals

Among the services of Molteni Vernici, the Chromotherapy Academy is a carefully curated offer to masterfully meet the continually evolving needs of international projects in retail, contract, and residential sectors. It is a proposal dedicated to architects and designers who wish to explore and precisely select the most current shades and colors for each project, ensuring innovative and cutting-edge results.

The Cantù-based company has devised a material library, an archive of materials and finishes, that serves as a guide among the possibilities of color and finishes for professionals. Meetings for this type of service are exclusive and occur only by appointment.

The Skills

The Academy is one of the proposals of the training program of Molteni Vernici designed to specifically meet the needs of professionals in the furniture, design, and architecture sector. Through a balanced combination of workshops, seminars, and practical sessions, participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the world of high-quality aesthetic finishes and solutions. The meetings are structured to provide an in-depth knowledge of the materials' characteristics, the most innovative application techniques, and the latest design trends.

In particular, one of the most appreciated aspects of Molteni Vernici's training program is the hands-on, practical and concrete approach, which allows participants to experiment directly with materials and firsthand test the learned techniques. This direct learning method is fundamental in the field of design and architecture, where the ability to transform a creative idea into tangible reality is essential. The workshops and practical sessions are led by industry experts, who share their experience and offer personalized advice, thus facilitating learning and innovation.

New Trends

The company's program does not limit itself to transmitting technical skills; it is also an opportunity to explore together new trends and give direction to the finishes that will be seen in the Salons in the coming years. The seminars offer valuable insights on how to integrate the latest innovations into concrete projects, stimulating creativity and encouraging the search for original solutions. This dimension of the program is particularly important in a sector where aesthetic and functional innovation plays a key role in the success of projects.

"One of the main objectives of Molteni Vernici's training program is the creation of a community of highly qualified professionals, who can share experiences, ideas, and projects," explains Roberto Molteni, CEO of the company - "this professional network becomes an added value for the participants, offering them the opportunity to collaborate, exchange feedback, and find mutual inspiration. Moreover, belonging to such a community represents a seal of quality and competence, recognized in the sector."

Molteni Vernici Prototyping Centre

Dialogue with Educational Centers. Objective: Updated Knowledge

The Path - The Structured Relationship with Schools to Bridge the Gap Between the Two Realities

"The 'mismatch' between the skills required by companies and those offered by candidates is a problem that affects many sectors, but is particularly felt in technological and innovative areas such as coating and special finishes," is the consideration of Roberto Molteni - "one of the main reasons for this discrepancy lies in the rapid evolution of the technical skills required, often not adequately supported by traditional training paths. This gap represents a significant obstacle for the company, which finds itself having to invest considerable resources not only in the search for qualified personnel but also in their post-hiring training."

In addition to investing in internal training programs aimed at bridging specific competence gaps found among new hires, updating technical skills, and developing cross-functional competences, the Cantù-based company collaborates with educational institutions and municipal entities to develop training paths that reflect the real needs of the sector.

"This approach aims to prepare students not only from a theoretical standpoint but also practically, ensuring that once they enter the workforce, they already possess the fundamental skills to actively contribute to the company's projects," Molteni explained - "the various partnerships represent an investment in the future, not just for our company but for the entire sector, ensuring a constant flow of talents adequately prepared for the challenges of tomorrow."

Along with innovation and training, inclusion is essential to build a work environment where talents are valued.

Through the training investment, Molteni Vernici was able to assign talented young women to key roles within the company. This strategy has allowed debunking many gender stereotypes related to leadership and technical skills, demonstrating that women can excel in every area, from research and development to project management. The presence of women in prominent positions today is an inspiring model for other women in the company, promoting a greater gender balance at decision-making levels.

Despite significant progress, the commitment to the inclusion of young women still presents challenges, such as the need to fight unconscious biases and promote a work-life balance that takes into account different needs.

The company has addressed these challenges through targeted policies, such as mentoring programs, work flexibility, and initiatives for equal pay, demonstrating that it is possible to create an inclusive and productive work environment.

"By addressing recruitment challenges with a holistic approach that integrates training, innovation, and inclusion, we have built a model that ensures long-term growth and success and also offers valuable best practices on how companies can significantly contribute to social and economic progress," Roberto Molteni finally observed.

Maria Grazia Gispi

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