Discover how Molteni Vernici, a leader in special paints and design finishes, stands out in Valore Impresa for its impact on the world of architecture.

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December 20, 2023
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The article, written by Sergio Nicastro, Director of Valore Impresa, highlights the success story of Molteni Vernici, from its humble beginnings to a leader in the field of special paints and architectural coatings, emphasizing their importance in the history of architecture and design.

"The many roles (and responsibilities) of an enterprise Valore Impresa or, to delve even deeper into the profound meaning of this magazine, the value of an enterprise.

There are many ways to evaluate it, certainly the most immediate is represented by the turnover produced by a company. And these data are present because every entrepreneur knows well that, in the end, the accounts must add up, that commitment, passion, professionalism are fundamental ingredients for their activity, but then it is with that number that they must confront themselves to understand the path to take or the one to abandon.

But beyond the numbers, there is something else, much more. And entrepreneurs know this very well. Behind a number is the story of a family that perhaps started an adventure in a very small workshop and that, a hundred years and three generations later, as in the case of Castelli Livio, Molteni Vernici, or Attilio Imperiali, finds itself excelling in the national and international market, moving from the province of Como to the Far East physically for the time necessary for a plane flight and ideally thanks to a journey that lasted decades. Or also the sense (and responsibility) of social entrepreneurship.

Being aware that profit is fundamental to be able to move forward, but that there is profit and profit, that the foresight of certain choices represents the difference between those who live in the present and those who look to the future. For themselves and for all those around them. Without forgetting the fortune of having two banking institutions in the territory like Bcc Cantù and Bcc Brianza e Laghi that have made the support of the communities that surround them their mantra for decades, possessing the awareness that it is in their very name the role they must carry forward.It is for this reason that the predominant part of the second edition of Valore Impresa published by the Netweek Editorial Group is dominated by stories, stories of companies born proudly in dignified, if not humble, conditions and then able to demonstrate their value. A distinctive sign, their strength, the strength of the Como, Lombardy, and Italian economy”.

Sergio Nicastro (Editor-in-Chief)

“Molteni Vernici redefines the concept of design and architecture with its innovative special paints and finishes”

Special Thanks:

We would like to express our special thanks to the editorial team of Valore Impresa and, in particular, to its director Sergio Nicastro, for recognizing and highlighting the innovation and excellence of Molteni Vernici in the field of paints and special coatings. Your attention and commitment in telling our story and our achievements represent a significant honor for us. Thank you for your valuable contribution in sharing our passion and commitment with a wider audience.

To find out more, read the full article by Sergio Nicastro in our press area.

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