For the realization of this project, different finishes by Molteni Vernici have been chosen: Powermetal, Never Effect, Velvet, water-based Fluo, Materici.

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June 8, 2022
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From the collaboration between Molteni Vernici, a historic Brianza-based company specialized in the production of special paints and finishes for the world of Design and Architecture, and Carlo Apollo, a true poet of interior decoration, a wonderful artistic project is born.

The material of nature par excellence is worked by the skilled hands of master craftsmen who know how to transform ancient oak into a real work of art.

The shapes of nature, leaves, animals and water seduce the creativity and sensitivity of unique artists and suggest intertwining, ideas and motifs that are then reinterpreted and wisely translated into reality.

Wood, a resistant and noble material par excellence, is adorned and embellished with Molteni Vernici finishes and patiently inlaid to create real paintings, entirely handmade.

- A blank sheet, a blank slate where everyone can express any design idea.

The warmth and tradition of wood combine with the innovative production technique of Molteni Vernici finishes.
Each product is handmade with precise tailoring techniques.

Suitable for elegant and rigorous contexts but also for new and modern spaces, wood is shaped by creating original textures on which to combine precious colors with the aim of obtaining originality and refinement.
For the realization of this project, different lines of finishes by Molteni Vernici have been chosen, including: Powermetal, Never Effect, Velvet, water-based Fluo, Materici.
A kaleidoscope of colors that manages to convey all the passion and pride of those who make them.

Thanks to the knowledge of passionate experts in the workings of our artisan tradition, an innovative artistic project is brought to light that intertwines the creativity of the two companies.
The uniqueness of Made in Italy craftsmanship once again becomes a real protagonist.
This project allows the combination of infinite shapes, sizes and colors, even personalized, to conceive countless tailor-made solutions for the most demanding customers.

What unites Molteni Vernici and Carlo Apollo is the desire for consistency in style, quality and craftsmanship of the finishes and nevertheless the attention to the client, knowing how to interpret and translate his dreams into matter.

At the Milan showroom of Molteni Vernici, Officine Milano via Francesco De Sanctis 30, it is possible to admire a wonderful display panel.

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