The new special paints by Molteni Vernici exclusively for HERITAGE PROJECT

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June 7, 2022
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Creativity, intuition, professionalism and reliability.

Heritage Project was born from the collaboration between two historic Companies, Molteni Vernici and Atelier Bonomi; a synergistic project that blends tradition, wisdom, manual skills, craftsmanship but also technology and innovation.

Sophisticated, refined, elegant and attractive, the handles become authentic jewels of undisputed quality, which embellish and give character to environments and furnishing accessories, making them sui generis.

Not simple objects, but details that arouse emotions. Unmatched beauty.

Real unique pieces shaped by the talent and expert hands of skilled artisans, a symbol and guarantee of the knowledge and skill that has always distinguished Made in Italy in the world.

Every single element of the Heritage Project line is handcrafted with meticulous care, based on the architect's specific design or measure, starting from solid brass.

The handles are worked one by one, with precise techniques of a goldsmith nature, capable of bringing out details of a precious and sartorial character.

The processing of the finishes makes each product unique and exclusive, giving it its own identity.

- The careful selection of materials is significant of Molteni Vernici's commitment in terms of quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness.

The "2ICONS" ceramization process developed by Molteni Vernici Research and Development Center enriches Atelier Bonomi's "Fluted Collection", giving the surfaces durability and resistance to wear over time.

Molteni Vernici presents five nuances reminiscent of the 1940s: Anice, Barolo, Salvia, Crema and Senape.
Timeless colors that can adapt to any style, classic but also eclectic.

Heritage Project allows the combination of infinite shapes, sizes and colors even in limited edition.
In other words: possibility of complete customization.
Standardization is abandoned and replaced with exclusive manufacturing and satisfaction of the specific needs of each customer.

Handles embody the values ​​of the Brand Molteni Vernici, a leading company in design and luxury finishes, which creates and anticipates trends.
Once again Molteni Vernici is emotion, style, precision and refinement.
Molteni Vernici is “the tailoring of finishes”.

HERITAGE PROJECT awaits you at Officine Milano, via De Sanctis 30 Milan from 7th to 12th June.

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