For the second year consecutively, Molteni Vernici wins the prestigious ADI Design Index Award with the innovative WAKEUP finish.

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June 3, 2021
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For the second year consecutively, Molteni Vernici wins the prestigious ADI Design Index 2020 Award with the innovative WAKEUP finish.

"Wakeup was presented in world preview during the exhibition of the ADI Design Index 2020" Mr. Molteni says - CEO of Molteni Vernici - "which took place Thursday, June 03 c/o ADI Design Museum in Milan."

“This award is the recognition for the extraordinary work carried out by the Research & Development Center Molteni Vernici in the field of innovation and creativity. Despite the difficult moment, we have continued to believe and work on innovation, aesthetic research and attention to style that has always defined us as a reference point for the most important international architecture firms and that leads to the choice of the "suitable dress" for every support, every project, every design object."

"I want to thank all the people who believed in us and in our ideas. Above all, I want to thank my irreplaceable and tireless staff, who, thanks to their commitment, dedication and tireless pursuit of perfection, allowed all this to become reality."

Every year ADI - Association for Industrial Design - selects products that stand out for originality and functional and typological innovation, for the production processes adopted, for the materials used and for the formal synthesis. Products that express environmental respect, public and social value, care for usability, interaction and Design for all have a particular attention.

2020 selection is a milestone as it is an indispensable preselection to participate at the Compasso D'Oro ADI award that is awarded every two years by an International Jury and is the most authoritative global industrial design award.

The Compasso d'Oro Award, witness for over sixty years of the evolution of Italian design in the world, is awarded according to a preselection carried out by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI, consisting in a commission of experts, designers, critics, historians, specialized journalists, engaged who evaluate and select the best products and projects and judged to be of absolute excellence.

And the Wakeup finish, created exclusively by Molteni Vernici staff, proved to be the true and undisputed protagonist of the great design evening, enjoying immense success among the public.

– The choice to apply Wakeup on a rhino is a tribute to an animal in danger of extinction and a concrete stance in favor of environmental protection.

With the aim of awakening consciences on the issues of environmental sustainability and eco-friendly design, Molteni Vernici gives life to Wakeup, a special finish for indoor media made from waste from the coffee industry that helps the environment by drastically reducing CO2 emissions.

In a world that really needs a positive review of its idea of the environment and protection of the planet, companies that create environmentally friendly industrial solutions stand out for their special qualities of sensitivity to the problem.

One of these is the Italian Company Molteni Vernici, world leader in design and luxury finishes, which, riding as it is in its DNA the wave of technological innovation, gave birth to Wakeup, a special finish obtained from the waste of the coffee industry, the first to be dedicated to the world of design and architecture obtained from regenerated material.

Thanks to its ease of manual application with a spatula or brush and the low industrial costs, the Wakeup water coating is suitable to be applied on indoor supports of metal, plastic and wood, characterized by its textured and three-dimensional to the touch, which is solid and completely insulated from hot or cold liquids.

The innovative finish uses the processing waste of the coffee industry, a beverage known worldwide for its energy and explosiveness and therefore the perfect spokesperson for the message of Molteni Vernici. Actually, the company aims to raise awareness on the issue of environmental sustainability. That’s the reason of the band’s leitmotiv: "WAKEUP - Wake up, do something for the environment!" accompanied by the goal of shaking the eco-friendly creativity of architects, companies and designers, opening forwards them a new range of opportunities.

From the sustainability point of view, Wakeup is doing a lot: its production cycle makes it possible to drastically cut CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus having a lighter impact on an abused planet, now exploited to the bone. A change to protect the future of our children, of which the company is proud to be a participant and protagonist, siding alongside the environment as a spearhead ready to undermine the preconception of the impossible, showing that even the discard can give rise to surprise.

Once again Molteni Vernici is therefore style, innovation and emotion. Reuse and recycling write the direction of the company towards sustainability combined with the attention to new technologies. The new goal is now the creation of intelligent finishes that drive hard towards greater and continuous protection of what we have, which is the most important treasure: the environment that surrounds us.

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